15 Pieces Of Nasty Women Merchandise That Show Who Run The World

Say what you will about the internet, but it has certainly made this election season more entertaining. Now that political punditry has become more democratized, anyone can make fun of the giant circus that is the U.S. presidential election. And if you're looking for some clever ways to send off the 2016 election, then nasty woman merchandise is sure to leave you laughing. (Because at this point, you have to laugh to avoid screaming).

During the third presidential debate, Trump referred to Clinton as "a nasty woman," as you can see in this CNN clip. Though the comment was meant as a slam, the good people of the internet wasted no time in making a meme out of this quip. Since then, it's snowballed and now there is a ton of nasty woman merchandise for your amusement. In about one week, a bevy of t-shirts, jewelry, and even cross-stitch kits have cropped up for nasty women everywhere. It took no time at all for nasty women and bad hombres alike to reclaim this derisive term as a point of pride. Now you can wear your nastiness with pride as a pin or tote bag when you go vote on Tuesday. Why not make POTUS 2016 as nasty as possible?


Nasty Woman Mug

Well, what else would you use to drink your morning cup of tears? The nasty woman mug ($16) from SwankyPress is sure to become your new favorite piece of drinkware. You can proclaim your nastiness to the world.


Nasty Women Vote Pin

The 19th amendment still stands. Wear this nasty women vote ($2) button to the polls Tuesday and get as nasty as you need to when you're in that booth.


Nasty Woman Tote Bag

Of course the #GIRLBOSS herself is all about this trend. The nasty woman tote bag ($25) from Nasty Gal is the perfect size to hold all your nasty needs. Oh, and it also features HRC in a spiked collar.


Nasty Woman Buttons

Seriously, the 2016 debates have inspired some of the cheekiest buttons around. MAGICSOCIETY's nasty woman pin back buttons ($4) are tastefully retro and sassy. The cat is also a nice touch.


Nasty Woman Cross Stitch Kit

Why not add a bit of political satire to your sewing circle? The nasty woman cross stitch kit ($16) from JunebugandDarlin would make a great gift for the nasty crafters in your life. It's both homey and subversive.


Nasty Woman Socks

If you like to keep your politics to yourself, but still want some nasty swag for election day, then these socks are for you. "Such A Nasty Woman" socks ($9) from SockprintsOnEtsy let you rock your politics in a low-key way. They're the perfect companion for your march to the voting booth.


Nasty Woman Sweatshirt

It's the Clinton/Jackson mashup you didn't know you needed. But if you support all things nasty, then this Hillary Clinton sweatshirt ($24) from SHOPYELL is for you. Just remember: nasty nasty women don't ever change.


Nasty Woman Lip Balm

Even your personal care items can get in on the game. The nasty woman lip balm ($2) from LEBotanicals may be cupcake flavored, but it tastes like revolution. Celebrate your nastiness with this sweet balm.


Nasty Magnets

Stick these on your refrigerator to get nasty in the kitchen. Vintage and fun, CafeChaCha's nasty woman magnets ($2) are the perfect touch for any magnetic surface. They're a smart remix of old-school movie star images and modern political sensibilities.


Nasty Woman Necklace

You can be adorned with delicate florals and still fierce AF. The dainty nasty woman necklace ($19) from ginatonellodesign is both cute and politically aware. You might wear it long after POTUS 2016 has been decided.


Nasty Woman Coffee Tumbler

Women who get stuff done need their caffeine fix on the go. That's why this nasty woman coffee tumbler ($10) from MeschinoMotifs is so brilliant. It helps you take care of business and assert your political leanings at the same time.


Such A Nasty Woman T-Shirt

This election season, work to reclaim nastiness. Wearing this "Such a Nasty Woman" t-shirt ($20) by Mels414Shop will proclaim your political stance to the world. Because being nasty is not a bad thing, why not celebrate it?


Nasty Woman Soap

Even personal care is political. You can freshen up with nasty woman soap ($10) from PeoplesSoap, available in many scents (including beer and milk & honey). But don't worry: true nastiness cannot be washed down the drain.


Nasty Woman & Bad Hombre Glassware Set

Raise your glasses. The nasty woman and bad hombre glassware set ($28) via AudraStyleArt celebrates the bad and the nasty in everyone. It's perfect for a celebratory toast.


Nasty Women Vote Pins

Seriously, though: this election's pins may be the best of all time. And these nasty women vote pins ($12) from ItsYourPartyPinit are clever and fun. They can keep you laughing long enough to survive the final days of this election season.