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15 Popular Baby Names From The '90s That Are Still Popular Today


Certain baby names stand the test of time and are classics for a good reason — these names have an appeal that most others lack allowing them to endure for hundreds of years. Although the ‘90s were only a little over a decade ago, there are many popular baby names from the ‘90s that are still popular today — and most of them were all the rage long before then.

If you’re on the hunt for a name that will never go out of style, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you recognize them from your favorite ‘90s tv shows, celebrities, or books, or from eras long past, these names have been favored by parents for years, accord to the extensive lists by the Social Security Administration.

Despite the push to invent names or give your child an “ultra-unique” name that will help them stand out from there crowd, there’s a different kind of beauty in naming them with a classic name that many world changers have held before them. Whether you’re looking for strong, inspiring meanings or solid names that you can pair with a more unique middle name, you’re bound to find the right fit, with just the right amount of ‘90s throwback, in this list of classic baby names.

1. Jacob

The SSA’s number one name for boys, Jacob means “supplanter,” and wasn’t too far behind in the ‘90s, ringing in at number five.

2. Olivia

Another classic that has stood the test of time, Olivia is latin for “olive tree”.

3. Ethan

Ethan is a name that has the ‘90s written all over it. It’s originally the Hebrew word for “firm or strong,” and was in the top 100 of the ‘90s.

4. Isabella

The Spanish and Italian version of Elizabeth meaning “pledged to God”, Isabella has stood the test of time and is especially popular now for its nickname Bella.

5. Anthony

Meaning “priceless one,” Anthony is a classic Latin name that isn’t going anywhere soon.

6. Emily

According to the SSA, Emily was the one of the most popular girl’s name of the ‘90s and it isn’t far behind today. Meaning “rival,” it’s truly a name that can’t be competed with.

7. Matthew

Meaning “gift of God,” Matthew was popular long before the ‘90s, but it continues to hold its spot among the top.

8. Natalie

Meaning “birthday of the Lord,” Natalie is an elegant name with French and Russian roots.

9. Taylor

One of the most popular gender-neutral names, Taylor has a literal meaning “tailor,” and is perfect for boys and girls.

10. William

Long before Prince William sky-rocketed this name’s popularity, William, meaning “resolute protector,” was one of the most popular boy’s names ever, holding the number 18 spot of the ‘90s.

11. Noah

Hebrew for “rest, or wandering,” Noah is just as popular now as it’s ever been.

12. Elizabeth

From Shakespeare, to Queen Elizabeth herself, this name has been on the forefront for ages. It means “pledged to God.”

13. Sophia

With a beautiful, feminine air to it, Sophia means wisdom and is at number one on the SSA’s list.

14. James

Recently a popular gender-neutral name, James means “supplanter,” and stems from the Hebrew language.

15. Gabriella

Though this name is more popular now than it was in the ‘90s, Gabriella means “God is my strength,” and is just as beautiful as ever.