15 Pumpkin Painting Ideas For Halloween, Because You Hate Carving Pumpkins

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It doesn't feel like Halloween without decorative pumpkins scattered throughout my house and on my front stoop. That said... actually carving multiple pumpkins is a tall order. It requires a whole lot of patience, as well as a pretty intensive clean-up... and frankly, I don't always have that in me. If you can relate, pumpkin painting is your perfect alternative to pumpkin carving, and in my humble opinion, the final products are much more fun than a traditional jack-o'-lantern. These 15 pumpkin painting ideas will get you inspired, and bring you over to the no-carve dark side, if you aren't already here!

You don't need to be a talented painter or have a stocked art studio to create the following pumpkins. Trust me. I've only included painted pumpkins that I could craft myself, so these are perfect for amateurs. While you won't have to deal with any yucky pumpkin guts while you're painting pumpkins, I'd definitely recommend spreading out a bit of newspaper before you begin. If you're crafting with little ones, you may want to move the party to the driveway or yard, just to minimize risks, especially if you choose a pumpkin that requires spray painting or paint splattering.


Bloody Pumpkins

It's true, painted pumpkins can be just as creepy as carved pumpkins. These bloody pumpkins by Molly at Almost Makes Perfect somehow manage to be spooky and cute at the same time.


Multicolored Pumpkins

I love a good "abstract" craft, because there's really no way to mess it up. These painted pumpkins by Amanda over at Aunt Peaches were made by dabbing, "splurshing," and glittering... I think we can all handle that!


Informative Pumpkins

I'm really digging this informative, house number pumpkin created by Mandi at A Beautiful Mess — it's simple, festive, and helpful, all at once. Mandi provides full instructions (and a helpful hack) on her blog. I think this would be particularly perfect if you're hosting a Halloween party!


Party Pumpkins

Seriously, how cute are these? Marie-Laure at Handmade Charlotte painted these little party pumpkins with a few simple supplies. They're simple to create, and completely unique.


Paint-Splattered Pumpkins

I love how simple these paint-splattered pumpkins by Amy at Homey Oh My are. They're certainly festive, but not obnoxiously so. This one can get a little messy, so make sure to put down a ton of newspaper before attempting it!


Herringbone Pumpkins

These herringbone pumpkins from Lovely Indeed are both easy and adorable. They created these pumpkins with just a few simple steps, and have a full how-to on their site. Pro tip: it's much easier to use a paint pen for this one, rather than a paint brush and paint.


Tiny Message Pumpkins

These little message pumpkins from Lovely Indeed are so cute. Learn how to make these matte, message pumpkins over on their blog — and start brainstorming your favorite spooky words.


Glitter Pumpkins

I'll never say no to glitter. Amanda at Aunt Peaches created these adorable, striped glitter pumpkins with loose glitter. It might be a pain to clean up, but it'll be so worth it.


Donut Pumpkins

Donut you wish you'd discovered this one sooner? I absolutely love these sprinkled donut pumpkins created by Studio DIY. Get step-by-step instructions for recreating these sweet, sprinkled pumpkins over on their blog.


Brushstroke Pumpkins

These brushstroke pumpkins from The Merry Thought look sophisticated, but they're super easy to make. Grab some hard-bristled paintbrushes and get to work.


Glitter Skull Pumpkin

This glittery skull pumpkin from Mod Podge Rocks is perfect for Halloween. It requires a bit more than just paint, but I'd say the final result is worth it.


Pastel Faces Pumpkins

How precious are these little faces? These were created by Michelle Christensen in collaboration with The House That Lars Built, and she's even provided the different templates she used for the faces. Learn how to make these matte pastel pumpkin faces over on her page.


Chalkboard Pumpkin

Chalkboard paint might just be the coolest invention ever. In this YouTube tutorial by simpleDIYs, she spray painted fake pumpkins with chalkboard paint – but you can use real pumpkins, if you prefer. Once the paint dries, your children can write on their chalkboard pumpkins, over and over again!


Confetti Pumpkins

McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam created these colorful confetti pumpkins with a little bit of paint and metallic confetti pieces. Her detailed tutorial teaches you how to create your own.


Paint Pen Patterned Pumpkins

The best thing about these paint pen patterned pumpkins by Lovely Indeed is that you can craft them anytime, anywhere. Happy doodling!