15 Quirky Yet Practical Holiday Gifts For New Dads That'll Make Him LOL

While mom (rightfully) tends to get the most attention when she's expecting or recently had a new baby, dad is a new parent, too, and is also embarking on a new stage of life. So, when you're shopping for holiday gifts for a new dad keep in mind that just like a new mom, he's exhausted, hungry, and likely wearing clothes that haven't been washed in about three wears.

There are plenty of things a new dad could use after he brings home his new, tiny BFF because even though he's not physically healing from delivery, he's tasked with not only taking care of it but also (possibly) his partner. It won't be long before his once meticulously groomed beard grows out of control, he finds more household chores on his growing "Honey Do" list, and his skin becomes a little more dull.

If you're wondering what you can gift a new dad that will make him chuckle and make his life a little more fun, easy, or (at the very least) manageable, here are 15 gift ideas for new dads that range from silly to practical to downright genius. These recommendations are priced anywhere from $5 to $ to accommodate all budgets.


Some Protection

If the new dad in your life hopes to eventually be a dad again, these briefs with a reinforced protective pouch will help ensure that a kicking baby won't accidentally interfere with those plans. They are made from breathable, moisture wicking fabric and have a no slip waistband. Plus, they will be really useful during the tantrum years.


Funny Lounge Pants

A new dad will likely want some sweats or lounge pants to stay cozy. Getting a custom-made pair that includes photos of his new baby's face will get him laughing and keep him comfortable.


A Head Start On Mastering Dad Jokes

This book is 105 pages long and is full of lines that will make everyone roll their eyes as they chuckle. The first page has space for you to write a special note to the new dad, and to assure him that the book is full of jokes for him — not jokes about him. It should be noted, the author disclosed that there will be no refunds issued in the event any dad suffers from extreme embarrassment after telling these jokes.


The Ability To Tag In On Breastfeeding

This male "breastfeeding" device is an adjustable vest that comes with two baby bottles that are safe for using inside the vest as well as outside. Dad can literally sit there with a baby to "his nipple" and bond with baby (or use it as an opportunity to play on his phone with his free hand).


A Guide To Baby Safety

This book has sound advice on the proper way to care for babies but adds a (hilarious) twist with illustrations showing the "right" and "wrong" way to provide the care. This board book has 36 pages of tips and even includes a chore wheel that mom and dad can spin to divvy up the not-so-fun responsibilities like diaper duty.


Matching Tee Shirt And Onesie

This tee shirt and onesie set is perfect for the beer enthusiast (dad, obvi) and is available in 15 different color combinations. The 100% cotton onesie has lap shoulders so you can get it over baby's head easily.


A Hilarious & True Book To Read With The Baby

It won't take long for a new dad to remember the days he used to be cool, and this impressive picture book with fold out pages will allow him to reminisce on those days with his kid. This book is 32 pages long and includes stunning illustrations that help capture the story as well as the emotions of the characters. While it's technically a children's book, it has just enough humor in it that dad won't mind reading it to his kiddo again and again (and again and again...).


A Beard Kit

It won't be long before baby will be pulling and scratching everything within reach, and this kit will help dad keep his beard healthy, despite all the grabs. Each set comes with a beard shampoo, extra-firm boar bristle brush, and styling cream. The products are designed to soften and smooth his face (under the beard) and hydrate and style his face sweater as well.


A Toy Subscription Box That He Can Say Is For The Baby

A toy subscription box is a great way for a new dad to understand what is age-appropriate for his baby to play with while also giving him an excuse to just play with some toys. There are a variety of subscriptions to choose from that deliver a range of age appropriate activities like crafts, games, or toys (either generic or niche like Montessori themed).


A Board Book That's More For Dad Than Baby

Comedic hero Jimmy Fallon wrote this book with the specific goal of helping dads coax their little one into saying "Dada" as their first word. The board book version of this story is perfect for babies who like to chew on everything. It measures 6.5 x 6.4 inches and contains 34 pages full of pictures and "Dada" propaganda.


A Funny Daddy Diaper Bag

A new dad will likely happily carry whatever diaper bag his baby's mom has chosen, but he may also like one that suits his own personal style, like this tool belt-inspired option. It's made with faux suede, has seven pockets, and has hook loop closure. It also has an optional adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying when his hands are full.


An Adult Coloring Book Just For Dads

New dads get stressed out, so if he likes to chill out with a coloring book to unwind, this 88-page dad-focused one is great. Each intricate illustration is printed single-sided on high-quality 60lb paper, so he doesn't have to worry about markers or pens bleeding through. Every page is different, some with heartfelt illustrations and others designed to simply make him laugh.


Some Fun Slippers

He's going to be walking around the house a lot, whether its running to take the diaper genie bag out or pacing back and forth trying to get the baby to sleep, so some fun (and okay, functional) slippers like these will be useful. This pair features a plaid upper, sherpa footbed, memory foam insole for comfort, and an indoor/outdoor sole. Plus, they're machine washable.


A "Hip Pack" To Help Him Embrace Fatherhood

"Hip" packs (read: fanny packs) are definitely in style, but pair one with some socks and sandals and it instantly becomes a dad staple. Since he now has a kid, he can no longer rely on his pockets to carry everything, so a hip pack will provide him a little extra space to store baby essentials during those times when a diaper bag is unnecessary. You can decide whether you want this to be a funny gift (with a gaudy pattern) or a practical one (like the Nike pack from Macy's).


Dad's Whiskey Glass (& Maybe A Bottle To Go With It)

Dads who enjoy a nightcap after a long day (or dads with colicky babies) will laugh at and love this 11 oz glass tumbler with "Dad Juice" etched into it. It's handmade and will withstand the dishwasher without damaging the etching. If you want to make this gift even better, consider gifting him a bottle of his favorite "juice" as well.