15 Reasons Masturbation Should Be Part Of Your Daily Routine

by Lindsay E. Mack

You can never have too much love in your life, and this goes for self-love, too. In fact, the reasons masturbation should be part of your daily routine are almost too numerous to list. From your physical health to psychological well-being, masturbation is there for your benefit.

Sure, prior generations regarded masturbation as a bad habit that's best avoided. But in reality, there are almost no downsides to masturbation. As long as you don't become obsessed and do it to the exclusion of your daily duties, there's no reason to forsake a little time with your favorite vibe.

In fact, now it's regarded as a far cry from prurient interests, as masturbation is often included as a crucial component of your self-care routine. It may sound strange, but many of the same health professionals who encourage you to de-stress and drink lots of water every day also advocate masturbation. It can not only help you feel better about your body, but also help ward off infections and soothe pains.

And, to stand on a soap box for a moment, women's bodies are still under too much scrutiny every day, and it's easy to feel discouraged about your physicality. But when you're enjoying some private time with yourself, all of those ingrained judgements can fade away. You can just enjoy your body.


It Increases Body-Positivity

Masturbation can help you get in touch with your body both physically and symbolically. In fact, according to Mind Body Green, regular masturbation may help women feel more positive about their bodies. This is not surprising; why wouldn't you feel great about your body when it gives you such wonderful feelings?


It Costs Nothing

Sure, you may need to account for the initial cost of a vibe or massaging shower head. But for the most part, masturbation is one of life's joys that costs nothing. After all, it's said that the best things in life are free.


It Helps You Focus On The Present

Being mindful and living in the moment is a great goal, but it can be a tricky thing to achieve. Thankfully, masturbation can help you learn to let go of outside worries and live in the moment. At the very least, you'll be focused on the present at the instant of orgasm.


It Benefits Your Sex Life

Whatever your relationship status, masturbation can help out your sex life. According to the Huffington Post, masturbation can help you become more familiar with your body and the touches that make you tick. With this knowledge in hand, you can pass on the knowledge to your partner, or just use the information for your own personal benefit.


It Soothes Pain

The next time you have a headache, consider reaching for your vibe. As noted in WebMD, masturbation may help provide a sense of pain relief. At the very least, you can probably distract yourself from any aches and pains for a few minutes.


It Promotes Sleep

Are you still up way past bedtime, unable to shut down? As noted in Best Health, masturbation may help promote sleep by lowering blood pressure and releasing endorphins. It may become the best part of your bedtime routine.


It Eases Menstrual Cramps

Cramps are the worst, but you might have an easy way to cope with them. Masturbation may help alleviate menstrual cramps, as explained in Psychology Today, and plenty of women use masturbation for this reason exactly. You might as well do something to make the best of a dismal period experience.


It Relieves Stress

If those deep breathing exercises fail to help out, maybe it's time for some self love. According to the Huffington Post, masturbation is a fantastic way to combat stress, possibly because of the boosted endorphin level. Hey, if you're feeling fidgety anyway, why not give it a go?


It Teaches You About Your Body

Self-exploration is the best way to learn about your own body. And by indulging in masturbation, you can learn all about what you like — or dislike — sexually. Plus, you get the chance to focus on nothing but your own body for a few minutes, and how often does that happen?


Increases Pelvic Floor Strength

Strong is sexy. And masturbation can help strengthen those all-important pelvic floor muscles, which both improve your sex life and help you retain bladder control, according to Your Tango. This strength training doesn't require you to bust out the free weights or Ben Wa balls.


It Helps Prevent Cervical Infections

Infections in your vaginal area can be pretty worrying. That's yet another reason to embrace daily masturbation: the opening of the cervix that happens during arousal may help prevent cervical infections from developing, according to the Independent. Anything for your health, right?


It Helps You Avoid Many Risks

Even the most sex-positive person in the world may still have a few worries about pregnancy or STIs in the back of their mind. But masturbation is blissfully free from these, or really any other, worries. You can enjoy all of the orgasms and assume none of the risks.


It Strengthens Mind-Body Connection

It's easy to live in your head and forget all about your physical body. But it's far healthier to keep in touch with the skin you live in. Taking a few minutes for daily masturbation can help you get back in touch with your physicality.


It Helps Your Heart

Care to orgasm your way to better health? According to Diply, women who frequently orgasm, even while flying solo, may experience fewer cases of heart disease. Getting your blood pumping is healthy, even if you're just lying in bed.


It Boosts Happiness

Hey, most everyone needs a little extra joy in life. If masturbation makes you happy, why not enjoy it daily? You're free to enjoy you body as much as you desire.