15 Sibling Memes To Share With Your Brothers & Sisters On National Siblings Day

by Meg Kehoe

I come from one of those families where, when asked how many siblings I have, I have to really think about it. It takes me a minute to add up the half-siblings, stepsiblings, the former stepsiblings... you get the picture. So when National Sibling Day rolls around (i.e. April 10), I definitely have my hands full. Thankfully, the internet is a glorious place that I can turn to in my time of need. Sibling memes? Yeah, the internet has that covered, no matter how many siblings you've got.

There's just something special about the bond between siblings. Even if you loathe your siblings and you made each other's lives living hells, you still share something that nobody else does — growing up under the same regime. Nobody else quite understands dealing with your parents or other family members the way your siblings do. In my experience, the older you get, the easier your relationship with your siblings gets. No more sharing a bathroom, no more splitting chores, no more comparing report cards. Adulthood takes some of the competition and rivalry away from siblings, making it easier to appreciate one another. So show that appreciation — any maybe express some of that lingering animosity — by sharing one of the many sibling memes with your brothers and sisters on National Sibling Day.


Middle Child Syndrome

Being a middle child is no joke. All you can do is cross your fingers that the stork brings you another sibling to even out the ranks.


Justice For Older Siblings

Isn't it funny how the youngest child seems to get away with everything? That's why it's so sweet when they actually do get into trouble.


Big Sister Mode

No matter what your relationship, when your sister calls you crying, you roll up your sleeves to take care of whoever made her feel this way.


The Blame Game

Parents are so unfair sometimes, aren't they?


Uncool, Sibling, Uncool

The residual anger when one of your siblings has done something wrong is so real.


Suspicious Siblings

You're being nice to me? You must want something. Spit it out, sib.


Too Many Sibs

Big families are great! Except when you're the youngest. In which case, I'm so sorry for all those years of torment you put up with.


Acting Tough

There's always one sibling who seems to use their older siblings as a shield. And it never really works that well, does it?


You Mad?

This is the pose my youngest brother pulls after making a joke at my expense. Yeah, don't think I didn't notice, bro.


I Straighten My Tie

Let me straighten my tie before I get real with both you, and my brother.


Living In The Shadow

Having an older sibling who's the golden child can be rough. Just embrace it. Learn to walk in the dark.


Do Younger Siblings Ever Stop Being Annoying?

As someone who both has younger siblings, and is a younger sibling, I can confirm that younger siblings never stop being annoying.


Evil Child

The sweet, sweet, magic of one of your siblings taking the blame.


Your Smart Sibling

There's always one. The smarty pants. The braggart. Don't worry, they'll get their karma in time.


Nailed It

You know you're crushing the sibling game when you remember everyone's birthday, without Facebook.