15 Sites Women Masturbate To, According To My Facebook Friends
by Britni de la Cretaz

I think we’re past the point of truly believing that women don’t masturbate and they don’t like porn. I mean, maybe some people think that’s true, but let’s just put that to bed right now: women masturbate, and women watch porn, ‘mkay? Tastes vary wildly, but I wanted to know what websites women like to masturbate to.

In order to conduct this very scientific gathering of information, I did what any good journalist who wanted information about the most private details of someone’s masturbation routine would do: I polled my Facebook friends. My friends definitely skew on the progressive side with a distinctly queer bent. My friends are also shameless, and my Facebook status that very subtly and tactfully asked, “What sites do women masturbate to?” garnered a very healthy discussion, full of lots of “me toos!” and “YES, GIRLs,” and less explicitly feminist porn than you might expect.

The answers ranged from sites that provided visual stimulation, like photos or videos, to site that offer mental stimulation, like erotic literature. What’s clear is that, not only do women pleasure themselves, but they know what they like and they get creative to find it. From my Facebook friends to you, here are women’s favorite spank bank material. Click on any of the links in this post at your own discretion — most are NSFW.



By far the number one answer to this question was Redtube. It’s free and there’s pretty much no pretense there — just explicit, dirty porn.


a four chambered heart

This is a crowdfunded site that describes itself as “part art project, part erotica cinemascope.” It has videos and stills of absolutely stunning, erotic, artistic imagery — of naked people.



Yes, really. One of my favorite answers came from my friend C: “To be really real I actually tend to get off on shipping videos on YouTube. I'm a serious romantic. My current faves: Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead and Linden and Holder from The Killing.”



Anyone who has spent any time on Tumblr knows that NSFW content is plentiful on the site. You seriously can’t scroll through anyone’s dash without at least a few penises showing up. This makes the content super accessible. Some favorite sites include porn4ladies, orgasmictipsforgirls, and Lady Cheeky.



Similar to Redtube, PornMD is a great aggregate of raunchy, dirty porn.


Archive Of Our Own (AO3)

AO3 is a site for written content that specializes in fanfic, so you can ship all your favorite couples.



Xtube is another aggregate, but this one has a ton of amatuer videos to choose from, if you’re into the whole Blair Witch Project thing with your porn.



Sugarbutch Chronicles is queer, kinky erotica by Sinclair Sexsmith. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s very, very hot.


Dr. Timaree’s NSFW Galleries

On Dr. Timaree Schmidt’s website, she posts NSFW photo galleries every Monday. They’re curated by a woman, for women. You’re welcome.



Literotia is it the ol’ faithful of erotic literature. I remember reading stories on the site and getting myself off to them when I was still in high school and feeling very naughty about the whole thing.


Hysterical Literature

This sounds like a preposterous proposition, but it’s one of the most amazing things you’ll ever watch, trust me. A woman sits at a table, reading a book. Under the table — and out of frame — someone uses a vibrator on her. You watch her try to read while she succumbs to the pleasure of the orgasm — if you don’t succumb to your own first.


12. Facebook

Apparently many of my friends are fans of secret Facebook groups that are carefully curated. One shows photos of men in various states of undress (or dress), and another geared towards lesbians, where people post a wide variety of photos but also host discussions about the personal being political.



ifeelmyself is an aggregate site of lost of women doing exactly what it sounds like they’re doing — getting themselves off.


Beautiful Agony

Beautiful Agony is a channel of people orgasming, but the camera never leaves their face. The entire clip is a tight shot on their face, so you can watch them experience orgasm without actually watching anything explicit. It’s amazingly hot.



Because all a girl really wants is pizza.

Images: wocintechchat/Flickr; Giphy (13); M.M Gasoline, claytoncubitt/YouTube