15 St. Patrick's Day Memes To Get You Green With Excitement


With Valentine's Day tucked nicely in the past, it's time for those looking for a little luck (and booze) to celebrate. Though St. Patrick's Day is widely celebrated in Ireland, the holiday has become incredibly popular in the United States and serves as a respectable excuse to eat, drink, and wear green all day without any judgement. Landing on a Friday this year, the holiday is guaranteed to be the saving grace of your work week woes and with the endless tweets of St. Patrick's Day memes, Twitter seems to be ready for a good time.

During my early 20s, St. Patrick's Day was definitely a day to party. Regardless of the day that it landed on, there was no shortage of booze, fun, and green. Now that I'm a little older and I can't drink as much as I used to, I end up living vicariously through all of my friends who still have a little youngness left in them. And, who knows — this may actually be the year that I come out of St. Patrick's Day retirement and hang out like the old days.

Though I'm sure many people will be celebrating in many ways that don't include social media, if you need to show your excitement for the day without showing actually proof of incrimination, these 15 memes are for you.

1. A Little Green

Everyone's in the spirit.

2. St. Patrick & His Miracles

Who knew?

3. Drink Local

Sounds about right.

4. Kiss Me

Looks like a good excuse to me.

5. Yoga

Who's ready to work out?

6. I Spy

Really? Because I can't see at all.

7. Paddy Time

Let's get it started, shall we?

8. Proper Notice

Get it right.

9. Pot Of Gold

Watch what you tweet.

10. Get Out

This is real.

11. Paddy

One more time for the people in the back.

12. Shenanigans

Sounds like a good time.

13. Fitting In

Just a few.

14. Screw Calm

Ain't nobody got time for that.

15. Miracle On St. Paddy's Day

Ya heard me.