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15 St. Patrick's Day Tweets To Get You In The Shamrock Spirit


St. Patrick's Day has finally arrived. From pub crawls to shamrock shakes, to bagpipe music, there's something for everyone to enjoy on the luck-filled day. The only thing that could possibly make the holiday better are the hilarious St. Patrick's Day tweets that will make you laugh and truly capture the holiday.

Sending these laugh-worthy tweets to your friends and family is the most perfect and funniest way to get everyone filled with St. Patrick's Day cheer. These hilarious tweets will especially perk you up if you're currently waiting for a festive parade to start or stuck on a long line to get into a local bar.

There are a ton of tweets, memes, and videos to choose from that will make you eager to share them with your favorite people. So, now is definitely the right time to whip out your phone, and get to scrolling and sharing  tweets with your friends and family during your St. Patrick's Irish celebration.

Whether you're hitting the orange and green cladded streets, stuffed to the brim from a meal of corned beef and cabbage, or want a quick break from work, here are plenty of tweets guaranteed to make you bust your gut.

1Kiss The Frog, He's Irish

You can always count on Kermit to be sporting a little Irish green.

2He Speaks for Everyone

May the luck of the Irish be with you.

3A Family Affair

From pub crawl to fam brawl.

4Bagpipes On The Beats

I hope you've rehearsed.

5There's Always Time For Corned Beef

Get the slow cookers ready.


Stay away from the tattoo shops, far far away.

7Everyone's Irish Today

They have the right idea.

8If You've Got It, Flaunt It

I'm sure most people will be too drunk to notice.

9And You Thought There Wouldn't Be A Pun Here

Who doesn't appreciate St. Patrick's day wit?

10A Perfect Lineup

Praise, PRAISE.

11The Perks of Social Media

It's time to put your account on private.

12Get Ready For Takeoff

See you later.

13Luck Is In The Air

Keep the good fortune going.

14A Classic One

Admit it, you laughed a little.

15A Little Too Relatable

Protect him at all costs.