15 Steamy Movies On Hulu To Stream Whenever You Damn Well Please

It's time to toss that cable box and DVD player because streaming services are changing the way we watch television. Hulu, once an underdog, now hosts some of the hottest shows on tv, but their movie section also does not disappoint, offering every category from comedy to action to steamy. Yes, I said steamy. Surprisingly there are some pretty sexy movies on Hulu that you might not have on your radar... yet.

We all know how awesome Hulu is for catching up on your favorite current TV series, rewatching classics, and discovering new on-screen addictions. HandsMaids Tale? We can thank Hulu for that. And when FOX decided to drop The Mindy Project after three seasons, Hulu picked it up for a few more, keeping fans very happy until last fall when the series ended. Pop over to the movie section on Hulu, and you'll find plenty of steamy flicks. There are some sexy classics like Ghost and The Blue Lagoon, and some new films, too. Whatever your fetish, you can probably find a title to match. Into vampires? Of course there's an option on this list.

When picking a late night movie, you always want something that is going to be entertaining. But sometimes, you want that flick to put you in the mood for, well, you know. So put the kids to bed early, curl up on the couch with your S.O., and stream a Hulu movie that's not only a going to be good but going to turn you both on.



We can all agree that Ghost is hot. Doesn't it make you wish you could see ghosts? Ok, maybe not. But you'll never watch a potter work the same way again. We all remember about that sexy pottery scene. This has got to be one of the hottest movies in history, and probably had everyone rushing to sign up for their local pottery class when it came out.


All Good Things

Starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst, All Good Things is a murder mystery, but it's one of the steamiest movies on Hulu. I'm mean literally steamy. There is a shower sex scene. Also, do I need to mention again that Ryan Gosling is in it? Arguably, he could make any movie hot.


The Blue Lagoon

A classic film that made Brook Shield into a star, The Blue Lagoon has so much range. You learn about surviving a shipwreck, puberty, and love, all in one.


40 Days And 40 Nights

Try giving up sex for 40 days and 40 nights. Okay, let's be real, it's not that long. But for Matt Sullivan played by the ever-so-cute Josh Hartnett, giving up sex for lent was a little too out of reach. Especially after he meets the beautiful Shannyn Sossamon.


Thelma & Louise

Three words: shirtless Brad Pitt.


Much Ado About Nothing

Of course of Williams Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing would make this list. Director Joss Wheldon brings you a movie adaptation in black and white of one of Shakespeare's most sexiest and funniest plays.


Perfect Sense

What would you do if the apocalypse was coming? Find a lover and make passionate love till the plague takes over, duh.


Kiss Of The Damned

Hey, vampires can be sexy, too. This movie has a little more gore than the other vampire movies, but it's all worth it for a nude Milo Ventimiglia.


Return Of The Blue Lagoon

As if the first one wasn't hot enough, they had to make a second. This movie is ten years younger than the original. Heads up, it has a similar storyline, but is just as sexy.



Michelle Pfeiffer is a cougar in this film who gets it on with the hot, young Rupert Friend. While Pfeiffer's character is supposed to act as Friend's love mentor, the two end up engaging in a love affair.


Love Story

Two people fall in love, but their upbringing keeps them apart. Will their story end in happiness or tragedy? This story sounds all too familiar, but that doesn't make it any less tempting.


Secret Things


This French film features two broke women who find jobs at a banking firm to hopefully climb up the corporate latter. They get involved with the CEO's son, which complicates their lives even further. In short, there are many, many steamy scenes in this one.


Hemingway's Garden Of Eden

Based off of one of Hemingway's last novels, a wife on her honeymoon tests her husband's trust by bringing in a sultry lady to spice things up. This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.


Goodbye To All That

A hilarious film following a newly single dad while he goes through the ins and outs of dating in your thirties, and well, you get the idea...



Jude Law's good looks can't keep him out of trouble in this entertaining flick. As a limousine driver, he takes advantage of meeting the sultriest ladies in New York City, which of course backfires when he ends up hurting someone very close to him.

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