15 Stylish Lunch Boxes That'll Make Kids Even More Excited To Go Back To School


Summer is winding down, which means it's time to get your kids prepared for the school season ahead. It can be hard to get some kids excited about going back to school, and it can be even harder to get your kids excited about packing their own lunches. That's when it's handy to utilize one of the many stylish lunch boxes to convince your kids that packing their own lunch can be fun.

Whether you've got an animal-crazed kid or a child that's only interested in flower power, there are plenty of awesome lunch boxes to choose from. Thanks to the glorious invention of the internet, you're no longer relegated to choosing from the lunch boxes available at your local store. If you've got a kid who's rough on their lunchbox, there's a lunchbox for that. If you've got a kid who's an extremely picky eater, there's a lunchbox for that. With insulation, extra pockets, and multiple straps, these lunch boxes leave little to be desired.

From personalized lunch boxes, to ones you can toss right into the washing machine, these food contained have changed since you were a kid. So rather than joining the ranks of paper bags, why not spice up your kids life this year with an extra stylish lunchbox?

1. The Foxy Lunch Pack

Apple Park

Eco-Friendly Fox Lunch Pack, $26, Apple Park

For the dapper fox in your family, this eco-friendly fox lunch pack is perfect.

2. The Kawaii Condiments Lunch Box


Kawaii Ketchup and Mustard Lunch Box, $42, Zazzle

Who knew condiments could be so cute? Send your little one to school with this Kawaii ketchup and mustard lunch box.

3. The DIY Colorful Kitty Lunch Box


Color -A-Kitty Lunch Box, $20, Kohls

Let your kids creativity reign with this color-a-kitty lunch box, complete with an array of markers to show their personal style.

4. The Striped Insulated Lunch Tote


Stöh Insulated Lunch Box, $27, Milkdot

This Stöh insulated lunchbox has a spot for everything and will keep it cool all day long, you can even have it personalized.

5. The Boombox Lunch Box


Boombox Lunch Box, $12, Amazon

Though you might get a bigger kick out of this boombox lunch box than your kids do, but it's sure to be a hit with the lunch crowd.

6. The Dino Cooler Lunch Box

So Young

Linen Cooler Lunch Box, $28, SoYoung

With a detachable strap, this linen cooler lunch box can easily transform from a messenger bag to a backpack.

7. The Personalized Lunch Box

Tiny Me

Personalized Lunch Box, $32, TinyMe

With several styles available, these Tiny Me lunch boxes are sure to be a hit with your kids, no matter how many you've got, and no matter what their personal style may be.

8. The Bubble Nibbler Lunch Pack


This fun bubble nibbler lunch bag ($32) has a single strap and an eye-catching style, making it easy to carry and hard to lose.

9. The Freezable Lunch Box


Freezable Lunch Box, $20, Packit

This freezable lunch box can be frozen the night before you pack your child's lunch, so that it stays chilled all day long.

10. The Reusable Brown Bag Lunchbox


Pack to Basics Lunch Bag, $19, Amazon

Love the idea of a paper bag lunch but hate the idea of wasting all of those bags? That's where the pack to basics lunch bag comes in handy.

11. The Very Floral Vera Bradley Lunch Box

Vera Bradley

Floral Lunch Bunch Bag, $24, Vera Bradley

For any child with a love for colorful prints, this lunch bunch bag from Vera Bradley is sure to stand out.

13. The Dabbawalla Lunch Box


Dabbawalla Lunch Bag, $20, Reuseit

In an array of styles, the Dabbawalla lunch bag is a stylish lunch tote that has an outer pocket specifically for icepack. Oh, and you can toss it right into the washing machine when it needs a good cleaning.

14. The Spicy Relish Neoprene Lunchbox


Spicy Relish Neoprene Lunch Bag, $25, Amazon

With a long strap to wear the bag like a messenger bag or purse, the spicy relish neoprene lunch bag is the perfect hands-free option for the kid on the go.

15. The Omiebox Lunchbox


Omiebox, $39, Omielife

A bento box that stores both hot and cold lunch items in the same box? That's why the Omiebox was designed. Never suffer from cold noodles or warm fruit again.