15 Summer With Kids Memes, Because Parents Get No Vacation


Ah summer: a time for sun, sand, and supreme relaxation. Well, at least in a fantasy world. In reality, summer brings a new and special kind of mayhem for families with children. But as the summer with kids memes reveal, most parents are in the same boat this season. Combatting boredom, drippy ice cream cones, and lost sandals is a familiar struggle for many families from June to September.

Chances are, most families are well aware of the situation. No one expects a beach outing to be super relaxing with a toddler in tow. And of course school-aged children are bound to complain of boredom a few weeks into summer vacation, no matter how many camps and other activities take up their time. Still, though, it would be nice if the kid stopped playing PAW Patrol episodes at full volume for just a minute.

Even if your kid-filled summer is more about kiddie pools in the back yard, and less about tropical islands, there is still a charm to the chaos. Your kid, running wild around the house while smeared in popsicle juice, is still your absolute love. This summer of messy chaos may one day become a cherished memory. After enough time has passed to forget about the constant cries of boredom, of course.

1Uneasy Living

2Summer School, Anyone?

3Reality Check

4Can't Wait

5Amusement Park Burnout

6No Rest By The Poolside

7Snack Attack

8Bored? Fold Some Clothes

9All Gone

10Watch. Watch. Watch.

11The After-Vacay



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