15 Mouth-Watering Slow Cooker Recipes For Your Super Bowl Party

If you're gearing up to entertain on Super Bowl Sunday (like so many, many people), you're probably trying to figure out a way to serve up awesome food for your guests while spending as little time in the kitchen as possible. (Because, let's be honest — there's nothing worse than missing your own party because you're stuck slaving over a hot stove while everybody else is having a blast in the other room.) That's where your handy Crock-Pot comes in! There are lots of slow cooker Super Bowl recipes that are bound to score big with your guests, and all you have to do is set it and forget it (pretty much).

And here's a happy coincidence for cooks: Many Super Bowl favorites just happen to be slow cooker classics, too (think chili, dips, pulled pork, etc.). So you can stock your buffet with all the foods everyone loves to snack on while they watch the big game without having to fuss over the preparation. From hearty main courses to sides and apps (and even dessert), we've found a variety of recipes to satisfy every kind of appetite. There are even a couple of healthy options, just in case anybody's planning to stick to their New Year's resolutions on game day. Try making a couple of these a day or so ahead of time!


Slow Cooker Chili

An obvious choice? Sure, but you've got to have a good, solid, chili in your Super Bowl culinary repertoire, and this one from The Skinny Pig NYC is a foolproof classic (in about 5 hours).


Whiskey Honey Pulled Pork

There are so many ways you can use this whiskey honey pulled pork from Sugar and Soul: sliders, tacos, even pizza — and they're all game day appropriate! Cooking time is about 7 hours, so plan accordingly.


Two-Ingredient Queso Dip

To be fair, you'll probably use way more than just two ingredients when you make this outrageously effortless queso from The Comfort of Cooking, but the only absolute essentials are Velveeta and canned, diced tomatoes with chilis. Everything else — bacon, peppers, lime, avocado — is up to you!


Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Dip

The title of this recipe alone should be enough to convince you that this dip is gonna disappear within minutes of hitting the table. I mean, bacon cheeseburger pizza dip? Bacon and cheeseburgers and pizza in dip form? Make sure you get some before your guests eat it all. Oh, and it only takes about one hour (on the high setting)!


Chicken Taco Chili

If just one variety of chili on Super Bowl Sunday simply will not do, this chicken taco chili is an irresistible alternative to the classic beef version, and it takes basically zero effort (combine ingredients in slow cooker, heat for 4 to 6 hours).


Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

It's not always easy to be a vegetarian at a Super Bowl party, so give your meatless guests something to cheer about with this vegetarian tortilla soup from The Scrumptious Pumpkin. It's got all the flavor of a traditional tortilla soup, but with lots of healthy stuff, too (like zucchini). And if you've got vegan diners, you can even skip the cheese!


Taco Tater Tots

Taco spices and tater tots: Two great tastes that taste great together? In a word, yes — and these taco tater tots from A Spicy Perspective couldn't be easier to make, either (the tots and spices cook for about 2 to 3 hours, then the toppings go on at the very end).


Pizza Stuffed Peppers

So many things you want to eat are hiding in these pizza stuffed peppers (which take about 3 hours on your slow cooker's high setting): orzo, sausage, onions, sauce, and of course cheese, cheese, and more cheese.


Kielbasa and Sauerkraut with Beer and Brown Sugar

Another dish made of totally traditional Super Bowl foods, serve this kielbasa and sauerkraut from Brown Eyed Baker with rolls on the side and watch them come back for seconds... and thirds. (Total cooking time is around 4 hours, 15 minutes.)


BBQ Ribs

It's the Super Bowl, so you gotta have ribs, right? These BBQ ribs take awhile to make (around 8 hours), but there's no guess work involved in cooking the meat perfectly — plus there's very little "work" of any kind involved, actually.


Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Can't shake that mid-winter chill? Warm up with this loaded baked potato soup from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs, which might just be the ultimate comfort food (cook on high for 3 to 4 hours).


Four-Ingredient Coconut Cake

You're gonna need something sweet to top off all that savory, and this four-ingredient coconut cake from Willow Bird Baking has a bread pudding-esque texture and takes around 3 hours. Don't forget the ice cream.


Poblano and Tomatillo Shredded Pork and Quinoa

Just because you don't typically associate quinoa with the Super Bowl doesn't mean this poblano and tomatillo shredded pork and quinoa from Table for Two doesn't have a place alongside the nachos and wings.


Sweet & Tangy Balls

They might sound like the punchline to a Saturday Night Live skit, but these mini meatballs are no joke — and they're basically no effort, either (just toss some frozen meatballs into your slow cooker with grape jelly and chili sauce for about 4 hours and stir occasionally).


Texas Trash Party Mix

Sure, you could just pour out a bag of prepackaged party mix. But why, when you can make this much tastier (and spicier) Texas Trash party dip in your slow cooker? You might never go back to the bagged stuff.

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