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15 Super Cute Halloween 2018 Onesies For Your Littlest Ghouls & Goblins


Your baby's first Halloween is a super exciting milestone, but you might want to keep the whole costume situation a little simple this year. After all, there's nothing scarier than struggling with a fiddly costume during a diaper blowout. That's why these super cute Halloween onesies are the perfect way to dress up your baby. They're still festive and fun, but easy enough to change in a hurry.

Whether you're planning a big Halloween party, going out trick-or-treating, or just hanging in for the evening, these neat outfits will make your kid perfectly spooky for the occasion. They make a super easy Halloween costume, as well as a festive outfit to enjoy wearing all October long. And if you're a Halloween nut like me, well, these onesies can serve as year-round outfits for your kid. There's no rules when it comes to spooky stuff, after all.

Although your kid might not remember this first Halloween, it's sure to be an important celebration for you. Just imagining all the years of costumes to come is probably pretty thrilling. At least you get the option of taking things a little easy this year. Whatever you choose, be sure to take tons of pictures, because it's a very special night, after all. Enjoy dressing your little ghoul for this year, and all the Halloweens that follow.

1Wicked Cute Halloween Onesie

Wicked Cute Halloween Onesie



Available in both long and short sleeve versions, this onesie tells the world about your baby's cuteness. It's perfect.

2Cat Face Tulle Tutu Bodysuit Dress

Cat Face Tulle Tutu Bodysuit Dress



On the more costumey side of things is this cute onesie. It's a dress, a cat, and a bodysuit all in one.

3My 1st Halloween Onesie

My 1st Halloween Onesie



Celebrate your baby's first Halloween with this cotton onesie. It's a sweet shirt for a big occasion.

4Pumpkin Bodysuit & Cap

Pumpkin Bodysuit & Cap



This look is so classically Halloween. Dress your little pumpkin like a jack 'o lantern.

5Fab-boo-lous Halloween Onesie

Fab-boo-lous Halloween Onesie



What's the only thing better than adorable Halloween-themed onesies? That would be punny, adorable Halloween-themed onesies.

6Charlie Brown Halloween Costume

Charlie Brown Halloween Costume



It's the easiest Halloween costume ever. Just pop it on your baby and he's instantly transformed into a beloved cartoon character.

7Halloween Onesie Baby Boo

Halloween Onesie Baby Boo



At least this little spider isn't creepy. It's just cute.

8Wonder Woman Onesie

Wonder Woman Onesie



Of course the costume itself is adorable and iconic. But it also gives you the excuse to say "Wonder Woman onesie" several times out loud, which is a rare opportunity.

9Tales From The Crib Halloween Onesie

Tales From The Crib Halloween Onesie



Ok, this one legit made me laugh. It's a cute and spooky onesie with a great throwback reference.

10Halloween Doctor Onesie Costume

Halloween Doctor Onesie Costume



This adorable costume is perfect for any baby whose parents work in the medical field. But it's also just a cute look for any baby.

11Look, It's Freakin Bats Halloween Onesie

Look, It's Freakin Bats Halloween Onesie



The shirt is cute enough on its own. And it's kind of hilarious if you get the Vine reference.

(The freaking bats Vine is classic.)

12Ghost Print Romper

Ghost Print Romper



It's the least scary ghost you've ever seen. He's super friendly.

13Beetlejuice Onesie

Beetlejuice Onesie



Just have someone else in your party dressed as Beetlejuice, and you're all set for a perfectly silly Halloween.

14Cute Ghost Baby Bodysuit

Cute Ghost Baby Bodysuit



Well, it's an honest shirt. It's also a nice reminder not to get too scary around your little one.

15Spooky Onesie

Spooky Onesie



Who knew cobwebs could look so cute? This onesie is simple but precious.