15 Super Sexy Movies On Netflix That Should Be Rated Triple-R

Some nights, Netflix and chill just won't do it. Whether you're having a sexy date night with your partner, or looking for a little solo stimulation, there are those occasions when we all find ourselves in the mood to get something a little more arousing out of our TV viewing. Thanks to everyone's favorite streaming service, you can rely on these super sexy movies on Netflix that should be rated triple-R for those nights — or, heck, mornings, whatever floats your boat — on the rare occasions when Tidying Up with Marie Kondo just isn't doing it for you.

There's a little something for everyone in Netflix's bag of tricks. There's comedy, like Sleeping With Other People; twisty drama, like the eye-poppingly sex-filled Love; and thrillers, like the political Zipper. Plus, if you're into foreign films, and are either multi-linguistic or don't mind reading a few subtitles, you're definitely in luck. From the 2001 Spanish classic Y Tu Mamá También to France's 2013 entry Blue Is The Warmest Colour, many of the imports are award-winners despite the amount of skin shown — or and sometimes even because. Non-gender-conforming opportunities abound as well, so regardless of what you're craving, the platform is sure to offer you a way to indulge from the comfort of your very own couch.

She's Gotta Have It — And Gets Plenty Of It And Then Some

Nymphomaniac Volume I, TV-MA

Celebrated French-English actress Charlotte Gainsbourg plays Joe, the female focus of this unflinching look at sexual obsession. Fair warning: This title is definitely not for the faint-of-heart, as the sex is unsimulated and Gainsbourg's character spends much of her narrative time with her face covered in bruises that are the result of the masochistic B-side of her cravings. Volume 2 covers the character's later adulthood.

The Accents Alone Are Enough To Warm You Up In This French Film

Blue Is The Warmest Colour, NC-17

A Palme d'Or recipient at Cannes for the film, its director, and the lead actresses, this film depicts a French teenagers, played by Adèle Exarchopoulos, who discovers life in a new way when she meets an older woman Léa Seydoux and falls in love. As with most French films, it blends in themes of social class and the nobility of art in with its sensuality and sex, but there's no question that it's hot.

Getting Down On The Farm

God's Own Country, TV-MA

The life of sensitive but troubled Johnny a Yorkshire farmer, takes a turn for the better when migrant worker Gheorghe, played by Alec Secareanu, arrives on the scene. The two roll in the mud in the lush — and, incidentally, stunningly-photographed — countryside in this believable, yet super-sexy, drama.

One Unbelievably Gorgeous Woman Cheats With Another — What More Do You Need?

Below Her Mouth, TV-MA

This may be a story of opposites attracting — in the sense that Jasmine, a fashion editor played by Natalie Krill, and Erika Linder's Dallas, a roofer, are worlds apart professionally — but both these women are conventionally gorgeous. Jasmine strays from her fiancé for a passionate affair with Dallas in a production that was helmed by an all-female crew.

A Sexy Skin Flick That'll Also Keep You Guessing

Love, NR

Hailed by Cosmopolitan as "perhaps the raunchiest movie you can stream on the platform," this film from French director Gaspar Noé obviously has lots of sex, but also features a plot packed with twists and turns. Leading man Karl Glusman's character spends a lot of time fantasizing about his old girlfriend to kill time in his dull marriage when learning that she's turned up missing. Quelle horreur!

Steamy And Funny Is Always A Winner

Sleeping With Other People, R

From the opening title college flashback scene with its power-rock soundtrack, you know this one is going to be a good time. Jason Sudeikis is likeable, funny, and, as it turns out, sexy, in this good date night pick with an epic fingering scene. Allison Brie plays his engagingly goofy friend who turns into something more.

Sexy Mama Takes On A Whole New Meaning In This Entry From Spain

Y Tu Mamá También, R

Dive right into this international film from acclaimed director Alfonso Cuarón. Graphic shagging gets things started off with a bang in this story of two prototypical teenage boys (one played by the later-to-become hypnotic Gael García Bernal, the other by Diego Luna) who go on a road trip with an older woman, portrayed by Maribel Verdú. If you've ever met a teenage boy, or been one yourself, you won't be surprised to learn that jealousy ensures, but stay for the penultimate, climactic scene.

There's An App For That

Newness, TV-MA

In an age where online dating, and hookups, dominate our sexcapades, would any roundup like this be complete without at least one movie centered on this premise? Nicholas Hoult's Martin and Laia Costa's Gabriella match with each other and the fun begins. Except there's a lot of angst and drama, as befitting a film that premiered at Sundance. Sex is interspersed with lots and lots of breakups, makeups, and the elusive search for fulfillment.

Lust And Love On The Modern Indian Subcontinent: It's Complicated

Lust Stories, TV-MA

Four of India's most prominent directors explore female sexuality in an anthology film that takes on repression and gender stereotypes in a way that's both erotic and critically-acclaimed. There're plenty of sex, vibrators, masturbation, the whole lot, but these stories are also very female-positive in a way that might be surprising, which could just be the biggest turn-on of all.

A French Robin Hood For The Sex Trade Industry

Sex Doll, TV-MA

This is the story of a French sex worker in London — played by Hafzia Herzi — whose gorgeous client, played by Ash Stymest, (seriously, he's literally a male model in his other life) turns out to be in the business of rescuing women from the sex trade biz on the DL. Herzi's Virginie is definitely up for being spirited away, but when the two fall in love, things get complicated.

Naughty Lawyers And Call Girls Get Together In This Political Thriller

Zipper, R

A dark political thriller, Patrick Wilson's character has a bright future until he turns to high-class escorts to relieve the sexual tension that's arisen between him and one of the interns at the office (always a smart move, fellas). The whole escort thing is more to his liking than he ever would have imagined, he has to take elaborate measures to keep the public and his wife, played by Lena Headey, in the dark — things spiral downhill from there.

The One With Jake Gyllenhaal

Enemy, R

The Internet's favorite boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, gets his freak on in this thriller where he happens upon his doppelgänger — a two-bit day player in films — and loses it hunting down the dude. He gets all up in the other guy's business and just about everything else in that moody-vulnerable-edgy way that those Gyllenhaals have on lock.

A More Complicated, Sweatier Spin On Everyday Life

People You May Know, TV-MA

The uniquely millennial online phenomenon of "catfishing" provides an interesting side dish for this story that wends its way through marriage, gay relationships, friendship, and betrayal. Telling the story of a group of 40-somethings in Los Angeles, Sean Maher, Andrea Grano, and Mark Cirillo serve up sex with a side of subtext.

Steamy And Supernatural

The Black Room, TV-MA

So this one's a B-list horror flick starring Natasha Henstridge, who you might know from the redoubtable Species series. Henstridge stars as an unlucky new homeowner with a problem in her basement: An evil spirit with an itch to scratch. Sex, blood, and bloody sex ensue as the force fuels up on coitus for its quest to conquer the world.

The Black Mirror Of Sex-Filled Films

Under The Skin, R

If you didn't think it was possible for science fiction and sex to be as one, think again: Under the Skin features Scarlett Johansson as not-quite-a-natural woman, having her way with the men of Scotland. Once Johansson's character is done with her prey, the men promptly disappear into a pool of black liquid. It's mind-bending in a Black Mirror-esque way.