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15 Superhero Nursery Ideas That Are Out Of This World

Superhero movies seem to dominate the box office every summer, and it's no wonder why — they're fun, exciting, and the good guy always wins. That also makes superheroes an awesome theme for a nursery. Whether you're into Batman, Superman, or the Avengers, there are so many fun superhero nursery ideas to create an amazing room for your baby.

Superheroes have been around since the 1930's, when both the Phantom and Superman debuted in comics, according to the Guinness Book of World Records (and clearly they're not going out of style anytime soon). Superheroes are only getting more popular these days, as studios like Marvel and DC compete to churn out blockbuster movies every year. And while the world of superheroes has long been dominated by men, women superheroes are starting to shine, too.Wonder Woman was a massive success back in 2017, earning a sequel that's due out next year according to Elle. And Brie Larson's Captain Marvel is sure to be a smash next year — perhaps she'll save the world?

So whether you're decorating for a little Superman or Batgirl in training, there's sure to be a superhero they'll love looking up to. Here are 15 adorable superhero nurseries to inspire you:


Heroes Everywhere

Heroes are everywhere in @eclairet13's amazing baby room. A skyline on the walls and some superhero bedding make it the perfect resting place for a little Avenger.


A Super Gallery Wall

Why have one superhero when you can have them all? Instagram user @katelynulkins put together an amazing gallery wall with characters from the DC and Marvel universes.


Super Color Palette

Most superhero uniforms seem to involve bright, basic colors. @themightymommablog's blue accent walls and colorful nightstand hit just the right shades.


Superman's Lair

Every inch of your nursery doesn't have to be covered in characters to make it amazing.'s nursery is a perfect blend of superhero and chic.


Superhero Shelves

Don't forget the bookshelf when you're planning the nursery decor. @running_west used superhero books to add to the theme.


Baby Bat Cave

I love this black and white bat cave by @homely_rose. Batman sheets and prints make it a fun space for kids.


Painted Letters

Instagram user @britbee has just about every superhero represented in these amazing letters over her son's crib.


Chalk City

Batman has Gotham, Superman has Metropolis — every superhero need a city to protect. @britbee went with a chalkboard wall to add an amazing city skyline to her baby nursery.


In The Spotlight

@kirst125's little one gets their very own version of the Bat-Signal. It's an adorable, creative way to personalize this little superhero's lair.


Super Symbols

Some super symbols are just instantly recognizable. @glitterglitz decorated her nursery with the iconic emblems of the Flash, Superman, Captain America, and the Green Lantern.


Baby Heroes

Superheroes may be tough, but these baby version bring out their softer sides. @mrs.kattonite went with pint-sized versions of some of the Avengers for her nursery.


Comic Book Covers

A comic book collection can make for amazing nursery decor. @jenruelas used framed X-Men covers to decorate.


A Super Crib

Just about every inch of @mizz_m0rgan's crib is tricked out. She and her sister sewed superhero fabric and padding around the crib bars to keep them on theme.


Super Girls

Superhero nurseries aren't just for boys. @jillian_cortez's baby room is filled with girl power thanks to this adorable mobile featuring Wonder Woman, Super Girl, and more.


Bats Everywhere

Bats are all over this bat cave. @tinataing found awesome batman decals to decorate the walls of her nursery.