15 Tattoo Ideas For Beauty Lovers

Gone are the days when the outliers of society were the only ones with tattoos. Although some people (*cough* my mother *cough*) might associate getting inked with a scandalous lifestyle full of back alley debauchery, nowadays most people see tattooing as a creative form of self-expression. The beautiful thing about showcasing your personal style is that there's no right or wrong way to do it. Whatever you passion in life is, it can serve as your ink inspiration. If you're a maestro of makeup or style is your specialty, there are plenty of tattoo ideas for beauty lovers.

One of the perks of living in this modern age, with technology easily at your disposal, is that visual inspiration is only a click, swipe, or tap away. In fact, many tattoo artists have even gained a loyal following solely through platforms like Instagram. "It [Instagram] is a better form of documentation for finished works and in progress pics," tattoo artist, Bob Marrama, tells Romper. "If you're happy with your tattoo, you'll have no problem spreading the word around."

So if you find an artist or a piece of ink that really resonates with your style, it can be just the spark of inspiration you needed to find the tattoo that fits you to a tee. Check out these gorgeous tattoos that are perfect for beauty lovers from all walks of life.


Sign It

An ideal way to combine honoring a family surname with your love for hot pink lipstick, this tattoo is sure to get some attention.


Spell It Out

What do you love? If it's hair styling, then this unique work of ink is right up your alley.


Hold A Mirror Up

With the inspiring quote, "everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it," this mirror tat reminds you to reflect on inner beauty, too.


Celebrate Life

Though this tattoo was done prior to pregnancy, the quote about feeling beautiful and free ended up perfectly matching how Brittany Meeks felt about her pregnant body.


Pin It

Whether you're a professional or you just love trying out different hair styles, a couple of discreet bobby pins on your fingers are an adorable way to express your love for all things beauty.


Dabble In The Dark Side

If you want to do a little more than just a tube of lipstick, amp up the spook factor with a cute spiderweb.


Shear Fun

Channel your inner Victorian vibe with these stylistic shears.


Add A Clever Quote

Beauty is a cruel mistress, indeed. And a beauty-inspired tattoo quote cleverly hidden on your fingers makes for a cheeky piece of ink.


Display Your Skillset

If you're a professional make up artist or you just adore cosmetics, put your tools of choice on display with some colorful work.


Embrace An Era

Capture a moment in time and add your own twist, like this tatted-up retro stylist piece.


Speak Your Truth

If my Spanish skills aren't too rusty, this quote says, "it's all true." A bit of a juxtaposition to the image of a mirror, but a reminder that beauty is all about perception.


Commemorate A New Beginning

Did you just land your dream job as a cosmetologist or finish beauty school? Why not pay tribute to the special occasion with a beauty-inspired tattoo?


Paint & Polish

There's just something about that feeling you get when you're rocking a new mani-pedi. Maybe some ink in your favorite shade of polish will keep your perma-fresh.


Combine Your Loves

Just like this watercolor tattoo, you can showcase your various makeup and beauty interests with a colorful combo piece.


Brush Up

Along with a reminder to "Stay Beautiful," this bright piece of ink features beauty brushes sure to make any makeup lover swoon.