15 Teacher Gifts Under $25 That They'll Truly Love & Use

When the holidays come around, trying to manage your list of who to shop for seems to be a never-ending struggle. Somehow, even when you think you have it all figured out, the list keeps growing. Of course, staying within your budget and still trying to think of unique and interesting gifts is no easy feat, either. But, sometimes even just a small gift, like one for your child's teachers, can show a tremendous amount of appreciation. There are actually a lot of teacher gifts under $25 that they'll actually love, so you can show your gratitude for your little one's caretaker without breaking the bank.

It's no secret teachers have thankless jobs. They work tirelessly to ensure your child learns not only science, reading, and math, but also, kindness, cooperation, and consideration. And, since we all know how we feel after being alone with our own kids for a few hours, I think we can all imagine how they must feel after being alone with 15 children day after day. To say they deserve a treat, a small something just for themselves, is an understatement.

And because our brains our fried from all the holiday shopping and list-making, here are a few ideas to get your gift-giving going.


Pom Zip Clutch

Teachers always have a bunch of things to carry around, and this clutch (Gap, $24) offers a fun, festive solution for their essentials.


Cozy Geometric Scarf

Who doesn't love a cozy scarf ($19, Gap)? This one is super soft, and wide enough to use as a shawl, making it a great option for your kiddo's teacher.


Tassel Keychain Charging Cord

We all lose track of our charging cords, but no one needs their electronics more juiced up than a teacher with work to be done. This charging cord ($17, Amazon) option is cute and convenient.


Photo Display & Planter

This cute display ($20, Uncommon Goods) can hold photos or notes, and the side planter can be filled with an easy-to-care-for succulent, or some fresh buds.


Stackable Lunch Pot

Breakfast and lunch on the go is a staple of teacher life; this container set ($25, Uncommon Goods) makes it easy and convenient to carry around.


Literary Mind Notecards

Notecards are a fairly standard, and useful, gift, but these elegant and insightful cards ($15, Uncommon Goods) definitely have the edge over most others.


Mason Jar Indoor Garden

This indoor garden kit ($20, Uncommon Goods) will brighten up any classroom or home.


Hydro Flask

Hydration, whether water or coffee, is key; this awesome vacuum-insulated flask ($22, Amazon) pulls double duty and keeps cool drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Bonus: it comes in a variety of fun colors and sizes.


Hand Soap & Lotion

For teachers, who often wash their hands about 100 times a day, a luxurious soap/lotion duo ($18, Nordstrom) can make a difference.


Pop Top Mittens

These mittens ($25, Nordstrom) make it convenient to stay warm, while still being able to re-tie someone's shoelaces for the umpteenth time, because we all know how that goes.


Tote Bag

I'm not sure people function without tote bags ($25, Nordstrom); this one is sleek and stylish, and looks a lot pricier than it actually is.



This gift has always been a winner for me in the past, and the best part is that it can be customizable to whoever you're giving it to. The Pioneer Woman ($17, Amazon) cookbook is full of accessible meals that are always a hit with teachers with families, and What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? ($14, Amazon) is a fun option for young teachers with hipster appetites.


Catchall Tray

This tray ($25, Etsy) is a visually-pleasing solution to lost keys, wallets, and phones — it would look great on any desk or kitchen table.


Face Mask Set

Face masks ($22, Sephora) are a great way to indulge in a little self-care on those stressful school day evenings.


Skincare Duo

Winter wreaks havoc on everyone's skin and this Rise and Glow duo ($23, Sephora) is effective and portable, making it a smart gift.

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