15 Things Couples Should Say To Each Other More Often

Relationships, like most things in life, take a lot of work to get the hang of. (Actually, does anyone ever really get the hang of it?) You'll mess up more times than you get it right and vise versa. But one of the greatest parts about being with someone you love is that they are by your side through the messes and the magic. When you're with someone long enough, it's easy to forget to say things that seemed to come more naturally in the beginning. No matter how long you've been together, chances are some of these things couples should say more often to each other will apply to the two of you.

I've been married for a little over two years now and I can tell you the value of a good "Babe, I appreciate you" or the classic "I'm proud of how hard you work." Telling each other "good morning," no matter how our night ended or how many times I was awoken by a grumpy child helps us start the day feeling connected and like a team. It may seem unimportant, but the truth is that simple phrases like these, no matter how trite or silly they seem, can go a long way.


"I'm Proud Of You"

Letting your S.O. know that you're proud of them, especially for the little things, is huge. Has he been putting in extra long hours at work? Tell him you're proud of his work ethic. Or maybe your partner has been making an extra effort to help you— let them know how much it means to you.


"Good Morning" And "Good Night"

When you've been with someone long enough, it's easy to forget the power of these simple phrases. If your partner is the first one you talk to in the morning and the last one you talk to at night, it not only helps them feel secure and loved but might bring back some of those butterflies you had in the beginning.


"Thank You"

There's nothing worse than feeling under appreciated. Being sure to tell your S.O. thank you, especially for the little things, will help them feel like you notice the effort they're putting in.


"We're A Good Team"

Whether you're raising a family or putting together a puzzle, letting your partner know that you think you work well together says that you're comfortable in the relationship.


"Have Fun"

This subtle phrase conveys a lot more than you would think. It's letting them know that you trust them while you're not together and that you truly want them to have a good time.


"I Trust You"

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. But without the actually words being said, it's easy to make assumptions. Telling your partner that you trust them will not only help them remember to be trustworthy, but will remind you that you can trust them.


"I Really Appreciate When You..."

Do the dishes. Hold my hand. Help with the baby. It doesn't matter what it is so much as you TELL them that you appreciate it.


"You're My Priority"

When life gets crazy, taking a step back and reassuring your S.O. that they're truly number one on your list can help the two of you feel closer when you're both running in a million different directions.


"I'm Sorry"

Knowing what to apologize for is a key part of a happy relationship. You obviously shouldn't apologize for every little thing, but when something warrants an apology, be humble enough to admit your fault is a mark of maturity.


"I Respect You"

Respect is another thing that isn't said out loud enough. Letting your partner know that you respect them is maybe the single most important thing you can tell them all day.


"I Disagree"

Learning how to respectfully talk about your differences will go over much better than yelling about why you think they're wrong. You will disagree on things, but how you discus it will make or break your relationship.


"Let's Compromise"

Compromising has a bad rap, but it's honestly essential for a relationship to thrive. This doesn't mean compromise in areas of moral importance to you, but folding the laundry a little differently, or forgoing your love of a certain restaurant because they don't like it? Those are the compromises that keep a relationship afloat.


"It's Okay"

Whether it's said in reassurance or in forgiveness, telling your partner that "it's all okay" not only helps them feel secure but allows you to release the tension as well.


"You're Hot"

Another one that seems obvious but probably doesn't get said enough — telling your partner that you think they're hotter than sriracha might just be what they needed to hear.


"It's In The Past"

Every couple has things from their pasts that they wish they could forget. Whether it was a mistake, a harsh word, or a stupid relationship before you got together, assuring your partner that their past doesn't matter helps them focus on being the best they can be now.