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15 Things Every '90s Cool Girl Carried In Her Purse

A woman's purse tells the story of her life. The contents are a glimpse into who she is, what she likes, and where she's been. My purse has always been the vessel that carries everything of importance. And long before my purse was full of grocery store receipts, half-eaten granola bars, and a first aid kit, I packed it with some pretty cool and fun stuff. Especially during my tween and teen years in the '90s. Back in the days of scrunchies and jelly sandal, there were things every '90s cool girl carried in her purse, and I was no exception to that rule.

Back in the day, I wouldn't be caught dead without lips that smelt like a piece of candy. And if I didn't have a bottle of scented lotion on hand, I might as well not leave the house. These were some of the essentials that I lugged around from home to school to the mall and back again each day — it was like I had my own cosmetics counter that fit over my shoulder.

Packing up a purse '90s style can still be done, as many of these 15 items can still be purchased today. Take a trip down memory lane with these fun items you once thought you could never live without.


Sun In

How else were you going to get natural looking highlights? Of course you could achieve that sun kissed look all year long with the magic of Sun In.


Hard Candy Nail Polish

When these amazing colors hit stores, there was no need to have any other brand of polish. Your nails were rainbow bright and glittery AF.


Teen Spirit

No way you were going to be caught with stanky pits! Every '90s cool girl had a stick of faithful Teen Spirit in her purse, just incase she broke into a sweat walking the mall.


CK One

No doubt that your Teen Spirit deodorant was keeping you fresh, but your CK One kept you smelling like the edgy girl that everyone wants to invite to their sleepovers.


Butterfly Clips

All the '90s girls kept their hair stylish with a butterfly clip (or 20). Just look how happy all these young actors are because of their butterfly clips. Those little things could work wonders.


Kissing Koolers

Coming in a variety of flavors, you could make your lips taste like all kinds of delicious treats. And as the name suggests, this lip gloss is for kissing.


Glitter Lotion

Before the vampires of Twilight made glittery bodies look cool, the girls of the '90s knew shimmering skin was badass.


Manic Panic Hair Dye

Perfect for any special occasion, Manic Panic had a color for every mood. You had to sneak this in inside your purse so your mom wouldn't intercept it and throw it away.



When a girl gets hungry she needs a quick snack that can fit in her purse. DunkAroos were the perfect treat for on the go.


Game Boy

Having a Game Boy in your purse meant you would never be bored on the bus ride home.


Disposable Camera

Before smartphone cameras were invented, the gals of the 1990s needed to take pictures with actual cameras. And disposable were the best because you didn't have to fumble with film.


Lisa Frank Notepad

You never knew when you would need to write down the phone number of the cute boy you met at the roller skating rink.


Bath & Body Works Lotion

You just weren't smelling right if you weren't smelling like sun-ripened raspberry. Although you had the lotion in your purse, you had the body spray and body wash on your bathroom counter at home.


Jane Eye Shadow

For a quick touch-up, you had to have Jane eye shadow close by. Having a few of your fave shades in your purse, was the perfect solution.


Liz Claiborne Sunglasses

Banking on the fact that your purse was made by Liz Claiborne, it only makes sense that your sunglasses would be too.