15 Things In Your Bedroom That Could Give You A Better Orgasm

You know that lube, vibrators, and a hottie in your bed can make your trip to O-Town incredible, but there are things in your bedroom that could give you a better orgasm that you'd never think to use. Lucky for you, there are experts who want to share the news so you can climax like never before. Call it a little sexy Feng Shui.

Science journalist and Mary Roach spoke in a TED Talk lecture about a woman who orgasmed every time she brushed her teeth. While most people brush their teeth in their bathrooms, not their bedrooms, I love the idea that because orgasms are reflexes of the autonomic nervous system, there are all kinds of objects and events that can trigger the good feels. So, with that in mind, the items that made this list did so because they enhance your senses. And while some are directly related to help you have better sex, others made the list because they open up your senses. Tapping into your unconscious for a better orgasm is not just about climaxing hard, but about experiencing sex on a whole other level. So if you want that next-level orgasm, pay special attention to these things in your bedroom.


Your Pillow

According to an article in Women's Health, putting a pillow under your butt leads to a better orgasm. For me, this works because it allows for deep penetration. Other women report riding their pillows to orgasm. Go figure!


Your iPod

You know how Outkast rapped about giving you an "eargasm," well, that's more than braggadocio — it's a scientific fact. According to the BBC, some types of music can give you a "skin orgasm," which is described as a tingly sensation down your spine as well as increased heart rate and sexual arousal. Sounds good to me.


Your Bouquet Of Flowers

Scent is a powerful sense. In fact, it can trigger memory, emotional sensations, and can even explain human attraction. But the scent of flowers is a total aphrodisiac for me, and, an article in Psychology Today confirms the link between olfactory messages and sexual arousal.


Your Anti-Smoking Patch

According an article in Everyday Health, "many people find that if they vary their breathing pattern from slow and deep to short and quick it adds to sexual arousal and can help trigger orgasm." And in order to be able to have control over your breathing patterns, nix the cigarettes.


Your Dumbbells

A little bit of strength training can take your orgasm to the next level by increasing circulation and getting the blood flowing to all the right places (like your vulva, which gets engorged when close to orgasm), as noted in Everyday Health.


Your Socks

Don't knock keeping socks on during sex. Dr. Gert Holstege of the University of Groningen told Elite Daily that "both men and women found it easier to have an orgasm when they kept their socks on." Keep those tootsies warm to climax hard AF.


Your Yoga Mat

The same study by Holstege found that women need to relax in order orgasm hard. So before you get it on, get into Downward Dog, and zen out.


Your Scented Candle

See list item number seven and number three. Namaste.


Your Mood Lighting

Holstege's study also concluded that for women, ambiance contributes to having a mind-blowing orgasm. So dim the lights, baby.


Your Collection Of Crystals

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted research on the healing power of crystals, and how they can help you relax and get into the groove.


Your High Thread-Count Sheets

Nothing kills the mood faster than stiff, crunchy sheets. More sophisticated linens however, feel amazing on your body, and help create a sexy ambiance for that powerful orgasm to come.


Your Plants

ScienceLine reported that plants add oxygen to your room which in turn makes you breathe better. As you know from item number four, healthy breathing is key to a powerful climax.


Your Strategically Placed Mirror

I'm not saying you have to plaster your ceiling with a mirror, but if you strategically place one in your bedroom you get to watch how hot you are, whether you're alone, or with a partner, and that will definitely get you off.


Your Vitamins

Dr. Oz's website recommended that for more powerful orgasms, you stock up on vitamins and supplements. Fish oil, vitamin C, and iron can help fuel your orgasmic diet.


Your Bottle Of Coconut Oil

Not only does coconut oil make a fabulous natural lube, according to Shape, it smells like a tropical island. So, even if you're in the urban jungle, you can let the scent transport you to the paradise dreams are made of.