15 Things To Do With Leftover Guacamole
by Meg Kehoe

I'm going to be honest with you, I don't think I've ever had leftover guacamole in my life. I always intend to save some for later to add to different recipes, and then 15 minutes into my personal chips and guac fiesta, it's all gone. Anybody else have this problem? Luckily, Cinco de Mayo is upon us, and with that come buckets of guacamole. Hopefully, enough guacamole to sink a boat. Enough guacamole that you'll have to think of things to do with leftover guacamole.

The internet is no stranger to the craze of adding avocado to everything, and neither am I. Avocado, to me, is the most versatile of all vegetables. Not only can you make it into a hundred different recipes, but you can make it into guacamole, and then make that into a hundred different recipes. If ever you find yourself in the dilemma of having leftover guacamole, and you're not sure what to do with it, fret not. Take a cue from one of these delicious avocado recipes, modify with your already made guacamole, and voila. You've got yourself a brand new recipe with an extra delicious kick from your already awesome guacamole. If that's not heavenly, I don't know what is.


Use It On Toast

Amp up your avocado toast routine with this delicious recipe from Feed Me Phoebe, which substitutes guacamole for mashed avocados and adds roasted vegetables on top. My stomach is already growling.


Use It On A Rollup

What better way to use leftover guacamole than by spreading it onto a tortilla rollup? Check out this chipotle cheddar avocado rollup recipe from Averie Cooks, and imagine your tastebuds doing a little dance.


Use It On A Sandwich

Half crostini, half sandwich, these open faced avocado spread sandwiches from Natasha's Kitchen are delicious and versatile.


Use It As A Pasta Sauce

Take this avocado alfredo pasta recipe from Domestic Fits and add that guacamole to the sauce recipe. Your tastebuds will thank you later.


Use It For Soup

This spicy avocado cucumber soup from Lick My Spoon is the perfect recipe to puree yesterday's guacamole into.


Use It In A Salad

This mango and avocado salad by Foodie Crush would pair perfectly with last night's guacamole giving it that extra zing.


Use For Deviled Eggs

These avocado deviled eggs by A Cozy Kitchen are super easy to substitute guacamole for avocados, and the kick from your guacamole will give your eggs a little bit of extra zest.


Use For Potato Salad

Go one step further with this avocado potato salad from Gimme Some Oven and toss your leftover guacamole in the mix, it'll make it extra creamy, and extra delicious.


Use It To Make Pesto

Looking for a little something extra to incorporate into your pasta routine? Just add guacamole. A Cozy Kitchen's avocado pesto pasta recipe works perfectly with any kind of guacamole — mild, tangy, or spicy.


Use As A Salad Dressing

Take this recipe for creamy avocado dressing from Budget Bytes, add your guacamole instead of plain avocados, and do a little dance every time you eat a salad for the next week.


Use It To Make Hummus

Toss your guacamole in a food processor with some chickpeas and a few herbs and voila, you've got the avocado hummus from Big Girls Small Kitchen with an extra kick.


Use It In A Shake

I wouldn't recommend using this recipe with a spicy or zesty guacamole, but if you've got a straightforward mild recipe — why not give this avocado shake recipe from A Cozy Kitchen a shot?


Use It In A Puff Pastry

Take this delicious avocado puff pastry recipe from Averie Cooks and modify it by using a dollop of guacamole instead — yum.


Use It In A Salsa

This recipe for avocado mango salsa by Brooklyn Supper is a people pleaser, toss in your extra guacamole for a home run snack.


Use It For Breakfast

This avocado breakfast pita from Budget Bytes can only get better with an extra smear of guacamole. Guacamole for every meal!