15 Timeless Baby Names That Are Childlike & Classic


Despite any stigma against names that are too old, over-used, or, dare I say it, out dated, there is definitely something to be said about choosing a timeless baby name for your little one. Contrary to what you may think at first glance, timeless doesn't mean over-used or cliche. Rather, it brings to mind words like classic, historical, and long-standing.

Names that have stood the test of time are popular for a reason, and usually have enough history and depth to put most modern, unique names to shame. Whether you're looking for a gender-neutral option, something short and sweet, or a name with an important meaning, turning to the classics won't disappoint. These names also make great options for middle names because they pair well with shorter, more original names.

A lover of timeless names myself, I can't think of many things sweeter than a baby with a name fit for a little old lady, or a character from a classic novel. Not surprisingly, I chose timeless names for both of my daughters because I know that when they're older, their names will still be beautiful, regardless of what the newest trendy names are, because they've stood the test of time. If you're looking for some timeless inspiration, check out these monikers that will always be classy.

1. Caroline

Alfonso Jimenez/ Flickr

A elegant, classic name with French roots, Caroline means "beautiful woman", and would be a gorgeous choice for a baby girl.

2. Everett

Donnie Ray Jones/ Flickr

Though Everett is traditionally a name for boys, it makes a great gender-neutral choice and means "brave. "

3. Madeline

Ashley Webb/ Flickr

This sweet name means "high tower" and has a youthful, playful sound perfect for any little girl.

4. Emma

Haylee Sherwood/ Flickr

This classic, romantic name has made a comeback landing at the number one spot several years in a row. Emma means "universal" and is as gorgeous as it is short and sweet.

5. Oliver

Thomas/ Flickr

The Latin word meaning "olive tree" was once a very popular boy's name. It's recently fallen out of popularity, but definitely deserves a comeback.

6. Evelyn

RebeccaVCI/ Flickr

While historically Evelyn has been used for both boys and girls, it's typically seen as a girl's name. Meaning "wished for child," it has a classic feel sure to never go out of style.

7. Conrad

.alicia.kowalski/ Flickr

An adventurous, intellectual sounding name, Conrad means "brave counsel" and is a classic boy's name that is still unique.

8. Samuel

Jeremy SALMON/ Flickr

Samuel has biblical roots and means "asked by God." It can easily be shortened to Sam, or left as is for a more classic sound.

9. Anthony

Beth Nazario/ Flickr

This name is well loved all over the world and means "priceless one."

10. Charlotte

Donnie Ray Jones/ Flickr

Meaning "free," Charlotte has an elegant, antiquated sound to it making it a unique choice.

11. Isabella

Sherri Abendroth/ Flickr

This classic name has been quickly gaining popularity in recent years and it's easy to see why. With a number of gorgeous nick names to choose from and meaning "pledged to God," it's no wonder Isabella is a popular choice.

12. Elizabeth

Li Yong/ Flickr

With roots that reach back to the Bible, Elizabeth has been a tried and true classic for years.

13. William

Somedragon2000/ Flickr

Meaning "resolute protection," William is one of the most timeless names in history.

14. Jane

Theodore Scott/ Flickr

This classic English name means "God's gracious gift" and is fun yet sophisticated.

15. Jack

Visa Kopu/ Flickr

A less common, slightly quirky form of John, Jack means "God is gracious," and is an adorable choice for a baby boy.