15 Top Scottish Baby Names


Naming a baby is always a huge decision, so sometimes choosing from a particular theme is helpful. For anybody who loves Scotland, the top Scottish baby names are all strong choices. Of course the small but colorful country has produced some truly unique, gorgeous names over the years, and they're all excellent choices for your kiddo.

Although English is the primary language spoken in Scotland, the country is also home to many different dialects and accents. Add in the prevalence of Gaelic and Scots, and there's almost no end to the beautiful and unique linguistics of the country, according to So of course this mix of languages and accents has produced some of the coolest-sounding names ever.

Whether you have Scottish family or simply love the language, these names are all excellent choices for your baby. (And if you need any convincing about Scotland's awesomeness, just read Scottish People Twitter for a few minutes. It's beyond hysterical.) Drawing inspiration from the country itself (and its many islands), as well as its rich history, these baby names from Scotland are beautiful and cool choices. Whether you're looking for a popular name or something totally unique, there's a little something for everyone here.

1. Alba

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Although it is not a traditional Scottish name, Alba is the Scottish Gaelic word for Scotland, according to We Have Kids. It's a simple, beautiful name.

2. Bonnie

It's a quintessential Scottish name. The word Bonnie means beautiful or good-natured, according to Baby Name Wizard.

3. Camden

Meaning "winding valley," Camden is another beautiful name choice, according to Nameberry. Plus you get nickname options such as Cam or Cammie, which are both very cool.

4. Elliot

The name Elliot has been in existence in Scotland in some form since the early Middle Ages, according to House of Names. It has a ton of spelling variations, too, including Eliot, Elliott, and even Ellacott, in case you're looking for something unique.

5. Fergus

Meaning "man of force," Fergus is another classic Scottish name, according to Nameberry.

6. Ian

The Gaelic form of the name John, Ian is another beautiful choice, according to She Knows. It may also be spelled Iain.

7. Iona

The name of a Scottish island, Iona is another traditional Scottish name, according to Scottish Girls Names.

8. Isla

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This beautiful name references a Scottish island named Islay, according to Nameberry. Actress Isla Fisher has probably given the cool name a bump in popularity as well.

9. Kenneth

A name with Scottish origin, Kenneth means "born of fire" or "handsome," according to Baby Name Wizard. These are both awesome meanings, to be honest.

10. Logan

Derived from a surname, Logan refers to a Scottish term for "little hollow", according to Behind the Name.

11. Niven

Derived from the name of a powerful Scottish family, Niven means "little saint," according to Scottish Boys Names. It's also one of the rarer names if you're looking for something unique.

12. Skye

Skye refers to the largest of the Scottish islands, according to British Baby Names. It's also an incredibly beautiful place, as any photos of the area prove.

13. Ronald

The Scottish form of Ragnvaldr, an Icelandic name, Ronald is another classic moniker, according to Behind The Name.

14. Duncan

It's kind of a must for Highlander fans. Duncan is a classic Scottish name meaning dark warrior, according to Nameberry.

15. Annis

The Scottish Gaelic form of Agnes, Annis is a lovely choice of name, according to Scottish-at-Heart. Whatever your tastes, there's probably a sweet Scottish baby name sure to fit your growing family.