15 Unexpected Signs You're In The Wrong Relationship

Whether you're in a brand new relationship or have spent seasons with your SO, feeling secure about being with your significant other is very important. Of course, everyone has those times where things happen and you have a quick moment of reconsideration, but eventually they subside and you live happily ever after. On the other hand, there may be some unexpected signs you're in the wrong relationship that you haven't noticed yet, but should be paying attention to.

Being in the right relationship is very important. Although many people have adopted the mentality of just "taking things as they come" when it comes to relationships, having a sense of security with the person you're dating now paves the way for a successful relationship in the future. If you're with someone and you start to notice a few signs that don't make you feel like you're heading toward your happily ever after, you shouldn't delay on getting out of that. Ultimately, everyone deserves to find their happy — even if that means leaving the person that you're with.

If you need a few pointers to stay out of the wrong relationship or need to figure out if you're in the wrong one right now, these 15 signs will help you.


You're Constantly Defending Them

Not everyone is going to like the person you're with, but as The Huffington Post noted, if you're constantly defending the person you're dating, you may be in the wrong relationship.


You're Trying To Change Them

Everyone wants the best for their significant other, so helping them grow or improve while together is a good thing. However, when you're more interested in changing them instead of helping them grow, this may not be the right person for you.


Your Partner Makes The Decisions For You

Does your partner make all the decisions in your relationship? If so, you may want to find the exit now. Your partner could be controlling or making selfish attempts to get you to do what they feel is best.


You Go To Your Friends First For Emotional Support

Business Insider noted that if you're still relying on your friends for emotional support, your relationship needs some re-evaluation. Though your friends can be helpful when it comes to certain things in your life, the first person you should be turning to is your spouse.


You're Always Threatened With An Ultimatum

When you get into an argument with your spouse, does it always end in some type of an ultimatum? This could be an attempt for them to guilt you into staying around. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but if this is a constant issue, you are in the wrong relationship.


You Have To Force Support

If you are forcing your spouse to be interested or support you for the things that you enjoy, you may need to break free from this relationship. No one wants to feel as if they have to force someone to support what they do, so if it isn't genuine, reconsider the standing of your relationship.


You Both Have The Same Spending Habits

The person that you're with should balance out the areas that you find yourself lacking in. If both of you are compulsive spenders, your future may be a little bleak. Someone has to keep the bills in order.


You're Always Defensive

If no one is ever willing to take the blame during the argument, this could be the wrong relationship to be in. Both parties can't be defensive at all times. You have to be willing to compromise to move forward.


You Are Told Not To Hang Around Certain Friends

Does your partner force you to remove some of your friends? Sure, sometimes they see negative things in your friends that you don't. But if they're worried that you'll cheat on them with certain friends or have no reason why they don't want you around them, reconsider where you are in your relationship.


You Don't Feel Like Yourself Anymore

According to Psychology Today, if you're not feeling like yourself anymore while with your partner, you should be reconsidering the relationship you're in. No one wants to feel like they have to be someone that they're not when they're with the person they love.


You Overthink Everything To Say To Them

Though some people overthink situations because of their anxiety issues, if telling your spouse how you're feeling makes you nervous to the point where you overthink everything, this shouldn't be the relationship you're in. You should feel comfortable talking to them, not fearful of their response.


You Don't Feel Like It Will Last Forever

Although you don't have to think about forever during your first date, if you've been in a relationship with someone for awhile and you don't have the feeling that it will last forever, you shouldn't be dating. Not only is it unfair to give yourself less than you deserve, but it's unfair to the person you're dating — especially if they're feeling like it's long-term.


You Have To Remember To Include Them In The Future

Thought Catalog noted that if you have to remember to include them in your future plans, this may not be the relationship for you. If you're with someone you truly want to be with, it should be an automatic thing to include them into your future life.


You're Always Angry

Being in a relationship should make your more happy than it makes you upset, so if you're feeling the opposite, you should call it quits. No one wants to be around someone that doesn't make them happy and this is no exception.


You Haven't Introduced Them To Friends Or Family

If you have to keep your significant other hidden from your friends and family, there's probably something about them that you're subconsciously ashamed of about them.