15 Unique Baby Names You've Never Ever Heard Of Before


To many parents, finding a name that isn't top on the popularity charts is important. Whether they want to convey their baby's inherent uniqueness right from the start, or they simply don't want their child to be one of many with the same name, there are plenty of good reasons to choose a unique baby name that you've never heard of for your child.

Some of the most unique monikers didn't make it past the top 500 last year, which means not many kids have them, upping your chances of the name being more or less "one of a kind." Many of them represent other cultures, have rich meanings, exotic pronunciations, and depth, making them all the more interesting.

As someone whose name was once much more unique than it is nowadays, I can vouch for the desire to have a name that is just your own — one that you don't have to share with hundreds of other people. And although you obviously can't guarantee that a name is completely original (in fact, since it's on this list, it probably won't be), pairing a unique, less popular name with your child-to-be's assuredly unique personality is bound to be the perfect combination.

1. Nayeli


This gorgeous name has an equally beautiful meaning. From the Zapotec for "I love you," it's surprising Nayeli isn't higher up on the list.

2. Boden


More popular in England and Germany, Boden means "a hill shaped like a bow" and would make a more unique alternative to other two syllable boy's names like Logan or Owen.

3. Tinley


Tinley is a modern invented name, popular enough to land it a spot in the top 1000 names last year, but one that you probably won't hear everyday.

4. Selah


A Hebrew word meaning "to pause or reflect", Selah is a feminine sounding name that could be a sweet alternative to other more popular names like Sarah.

5. Seamus


This Irish variation of James is pronounced "shay-mus" and means "supplanter."

6. Veda


Veda is the Sanskrit word for knowledge and is a unique sounding name with a meaning that adds depth and beauty.

7. Wilder


Though this name is more traditionally recognized as a surname, it makes an adventurous and fun sounding first name as well.

8. Ellison


This English name meaning "son of Ellis" makes a great gender neutral option for parents looking for a unique choice.

9. Luz


More commonly used to refer to the virgin Mary, Luz (pronounced "loose") means "light."

10. Alvaro


A Spanish saint's name with German roots, Alvaro would be an easy name help gain a bit of well-deserved popularity.

11. Justus


The Latin word for Justice is much more unique than Justin or Jonathan, but not so out of the norm that it doesn't make sense.

12. Kaya


This sweet sounding girls name is from the Hopi Native American tribe and means "my elder sister."

13. Lachlan


Scottish for "from the fjord-land," this name is both unique and exotic, the perfect name for your little adventurer.

14. Marisol


Marisol is Spanish for Mary of Solitude and is an elegant alternative to Mary or Maria.

15. Draven


Another name that we've completely invented, it fell at number 861 last year, according to the Social Security.