15 Unique Pet Costumes On Amazon For Halloween 2018, Because You're So Over Pumpkins

Now that it's officially October, everyone's in full-fledged Halloween mode. It's time to pull your decorations out of storage, pick out your pumpkins, and — the most exciting part — plan what your entire family will wear. This year, you'll be particularly impressed with the selection of costumes for your furriest family members, who obviously deserve the best of the best. These are 15 unique dog and cat costumes on Amazon, because your beloved pet is just waiting to stand out.

One thing I've discovered when shopping for pet costumes (yes, I've purchased quite a few in my day) is that the sizes are all over the place. My 20-pound terrier is a small in some brands and a large in others. I thought women had a tough time nailing down which size works best for them, but outfitting your turns out to be even harder. I'd suggest taking measurements of your dog or cat before costume shopping: their height, length, stomach girth, and neck girth, specifically. When you find a costume you like, make sure to check and double check the size chart to ensure you're picking the right one.

The following is a round-up of the most original, hilarious pet costumes on Amazon. I'd suggest to pick yours up sooner rather than later (even if you have Prime). If others love them as much as I do... they'll go fast!

1California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Costume

California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Costume


Hello, did you order the cutest package in the world? This UPS worker costume goes on your pet's front legs and wraps around their neck, so their movement won't feel too restricted. The little box is held by velcro, and the visor has an elastic strap to go under the chin. Neighborhood pups are gonna bend and snap when they see your delivery pup coming.

2Meeyou Cowboy Pet Costume for Cat & Dog

Meeyou Cowboy Pet Costume for Cat & Dog


Personally, I find nothing funnier than the costumes that make it appear like your pet is standing upright. The one-piece cowboy costume goes on your pet's front legs and wraps around their neck. The costume is even better if your fur baby looks as grumpy as the cat pictured. I wouldn't mess with that sheriff!

3California Costumes Holy Hound Dog Costume

California Costumes Holy Hound Dog Costume


Is your good boy a really good boy? Dogs really are a gift from above, and this "Holy Hound" costume is perfectly fitting for your angel. This get-up comes with the red and white robe, detachable stole, and miter headpiece.

4Delifur Cowboy Rider Costume

Delifur Cowboy Rider Costume


If your pet isn't a huge fan of restricting costumes, this option is ideal (and doesn't feel much different than a typical harness). Strap on the "saddle" and cowboy, and your pet is instantly transformed into the majestic stallion they've always felt like.

5Prymal Comfort Trump Cat Costume

Prymal Comfort Trump Cat Costume


Whether meant to be honoring or terrifying, this Donald Trump costume will get plenty of laughs. This comes with the neck tie and wig, which attaches with an elastic band under the chin. I'd suggest only getting this costume if your dog or cat is easygoing enough to put up with the elastic – after all, the wig is the most important part.

6FanQube Fancy Guitar Player Costume for Dogs & Cats

FanQube Fancy Guitar Player Costume for Dogs & Cats


Your pet is rockin', and it's time the rest of the world knows it. This "fancy guitar player" look comes with the outfit and instrument, but note that the wig pictured isn't included.

7Rubie's Ghostbusters Movie Pet Costume

Rubie's Ghostbusters Movie Pet Costume


Who ya gonna call? I don't know about you, but I absolutely trust my furry best friends to keep me safe from the supernatural. This Ghostbuster costume comes with a shirt with the signature Ghostbusters logo, as well as an inflatable backpack.

8Mikayoo Doctor Costume For Cats & Dogs

Mikayoo Doctor Costume For Cats & Dogs


Finally, a costume fitting for your certified genius. This medical costume consists of blue scrubs, a white coat, and a first aid kit. The one-piece goes over the front legs only, so it's not too restrictive for your little one.

9Rubie's Ariel Pet Costume

Rubie's Ariel Pet Costume


This mermaid look is iconic. It comes with a tail, seashell top, and red wig. I guarantee everyone you encounter will want to kiss the furry girl in this precious costume.

10UHeng Funny Pet Pumpkin Costume

UHeng Funny Pet Pumpkin Costume


OK I lied, not all pumpkin costumes are outlawed this year. This pumpkin-carrying costume definitely deserves a place on this list. This is a full-on get-up that covers all of your pet's four legs and hooks under their belly. The entire thing is made of a velvet material, so hopefully it's soft enough that your pet won't mind it.

11California Costumes Spider Costume

California Costumes Spider Costume


This is the first spider I've ever encountered that doesn't absolutely terrify me. Fuzzy legs hang off the black body suit, and the fuzzy headpiece has four googly eyes for the full spider effect.

12Rubie's Sushi Pet Costume

Rubie's Sushi Pet Costume


This costume is the perfect way to show that your pet is o-fish-ally your soymate. (I'm sorry, I just love a good pun.) They'll look as delicious as the real thing.

13Beer Keg Pet Costume

14FLAdorepet Peacock Pet Costume

FLAdorepet Peacock Pet Costume


If you really want to show your pet off this year, here's the perfect costume to achieve that. It may look complicated, but the velcro closures make it easy to get on-and-off.

15Statue of Liberty Pet Costume

Statue of Liberty Pet Costume


Embrace your patriotism with a Statue of Liberty costume that comes with a jumpsuit and headpiece, complete with a torch and an "In Dog We Trust" book.