15 Unique Costumes For Dogs & Cats On Amazon That You Have To See To Believe

Now that it's officially October, everyone's in full-fledged Halloween mode. It's time to pull your decorations out of storage, pick out your pumpkins, and — the most exciting part — plan what your entire family will wear. This year, you'll be particularly impressed with the selection of costumes for your furriest family members, who obviously deserve the best of the best. These are 15 unique dog and cat costumes on Amazon, because your beloved pet is just waiting to stand out.

One thing I've discovered when shopping for pet costumes (yes, I've purchased quite a few in my day) is that the sizes are all over the place. My 20-pound terrier is a small in some brands and a large in others. I thought women had a tough time nailing down which size works best for them, but outfitting your turns out to be even harder. I'd suggest taking measurements of your dog or cat before costume shopping: their height, length, stomach girth, and neck girth, specifically. When you find a costume you like, make sure to check and double check the size chart to ensure you're picking the right one.

The following is a round-up of the most original, hilarious pet costumes on Amazon. I'd suggest to pick yours up sooner rather than later (even if you have Prime). If others love them as much as I do... they'll go fast!


California Costumes Holy Hound Dog Costume


FanQube Fancy Guitar Player Costume for Dogs & Cats