15 Valentine's Day Memes For Couples With A Good Sense Of Humor


No matter how much couples try to avoid the saturation of Valentine’s Day, there’s something about the day that’s so addicting. Whether you’ve been dating your partner for three months or three years, Valentine’s Day let’s you know how serious your partner is about their love for you and how much they appreciate you (and vice versa, of course.) Since most people are only able to spend the evening with their partner, having a few Valentine’s Day memes for couples to send out to your loved one that can hold them over till your date is a great idea.

A few years ago, I was in a long distance relationship. When Valentine’s Day came around, we weren’t able to see each other until the following weekend. So we passed the time by sending each other memes that made up smile and laugh. Of course cards can help you perfectly display your feelings, but nothing says “this is real” than receiving a meme that relates to relationship. Since my ex and I always cracked jokes with one another, finding every meme that found a way to make fun of the day was exactly what we needed to keep us encouraged.

So, if you’re waiting on time to pass to spend with your honey for Valentine’s Day, try sending these 15 memes to keep the spirit of the day alive.

1. What Are You Doing?

Well, that’s right to the point.

2. Keep It Simple

Let’s not try to be extra fancy, please.

3. The Best Type Of Relationship

When you’re one in the same.

4. Muy Romántico

Chipotle over everything.

5. The Perfect Gift


6. That Red Thing

Oh, you mean this one?

7. That’s My Best Friend

When your spouse is your BFF.

8. Kissh Me Ousside

Howbow dah?

9. Be My Valentine

You know the drill.

10. Love Connection

Do you feel it?

11. Hard Evidence

Guilty as charged.

12. It’s All A Lie

Just a little white lie.

13. Endless Searching

Look no further, love.

14. Twinsies

Can we agree that we mesh so well that we’ve become one?

15. Precious Moments

The preciousssssssssss.