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15 Valentine's Day Memes For Single People

There's really no easy way around it — being a singleton on Valentine's Day is generally, less than pleasant. Between your family asking you about your love life as they do on every other national holiday, your coworkers asking you about your plans, and the entire world being covered in pink and red, it's hard to escape the idea that love is in the air and you're just suffocating. Luckily, as usual, the internet comes through for single folks with Valentine's Day memes for single people. Because if you're going to be alone on Valentine's Day, you might as well get a laugh out of it and enjoy yourself.

Whether you're stinging from a breakup, feeling lonely, or waiting for someone to call you, the following memes pretty much cover every angle of single life on Valentine's Day. So you can scroll through these expertly (and cynically) crafted memes when you're feeling inundated with the world of conversation hearts and flower deliveries to escape the inevitable feelings of forever alone on the most celebrated romantic holiday of the year. And just remember, if you're feeling alone, you're not really alone, because I'm here with you. And so are these memes.


For The 'Star Wars' Fiends

Honestly though, is there a better way to spend Valentine's Day than with '80s Harrison Ford? Me thinks not.


For The Foodies

This is me. This is so very me. Heart-shaped pizzas are child's play when you've got Chrissy Teigen's cookbook and the notion to treat your self.


For Lonely Wizards Everywhere

Harry just gets me, you know?


For The Smart Singles

There's no chance of disappointment if you have a date with your couch, am I right?


For Those Who Need A Cocktail

In college, I remember diligently celebrating V-is-for-Vodka-Day instead of Valentine's Day. Who needs roses when you've got a martini?


For The Brave Solo Diners

Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't take yourself out for a night on the town, at this table for one.


For Those Who Look On The Bright Side

Wouldn't you rather be alone than in a miserable relationship? Bright side, friends, bright side.


For The Schrute Lovers

Yes, Dwight Schrute is my date for Valentine's Day. I'll be enjoying his comedic stylings via Netflix.


For The Hopeful

At least if you're alone, there's nobody to see your face fall when it's really the wrong number.


For The Grumpy Cats

I mean, this is harsh and cynical but you have to laugh, because... it's true.


For The Dairy Lovers

The harsh reality reminder of your milk jug might send you running to the land o' memes to laugh your tears away.


For Those Looking For Love

I mean, if you're secretly in love with me, you're more than welcome to tell me any time. But sooner is better than later, because of chocolate.


For The Practical

Yes, nerds are your best friend to combat this "love is in the air" nonsense this Valentine's Day.


For The Forever Alone

Don't have a hand to hold? No problem. I'll just... hold my foot.


For The Aggressive Singletons

Get a bunch of single people together on Valentine's Day and it's like watching everyone fight to the death to find a temporary mate for the date. Just say no to Effie Trinket's bait.