15 Ways To Get In The Mood For Sex In Under Five Minutes

by Meg Kehoe

Some people are always in the mood for sex. Those people are unicorns, ready to jump into bed at any given moment. I wish I was a unicorn, but I'm just not. Like most people, my readiness for sex ebbs and flows. And I'm not alone. Sometimes you're tired, stressed out, you've had a bad day, and you need a little extra boost to get you in the mood. Lucky for you there are plenty of foolproof ways to get in the mood for sex in under five minutes.

Feeling sexy can be a feat at times, and having a stockpile of quick ways to get you in the mood can only help your sex life in the long run. I know what you're thinking — in what situation would I need to go from feeling unsexy to super sexy in five minutes or less? Good question. It may seem outlandish, but let me tell you, it's not. I've been in a rut more times than I can count, with a slim time period to get myself ready. Whether your partner's arriving at your house after you've had a long day at work, or you're just not feeling in the mood for your sexy scheduled rendezvous — try one of the foolproof methods listed below, and enjoy the rush of feeling sexy in under five minutes flat.


Shave Your Legs

Turn on the shower, lather up, and shave them down. There's little that's sexier than the feel of your smooth legs sliding together.


Bust Out The Aphrodisiac Scents

According to Your Tango, pumpkin pie, lavender, cinnamon, and vanilla, are all aphrodisiac scents. Huff a little bit of one of those scents, apply on your wrists and let them work their magic. And if all else fails, you'll smell delicious.


Read An Erotic Passage

Slip your favorite book off the shelf or log on to the internet to read up on a few sexy pages. Reading about someone else getting sexy will definitely help you get in the mood.


Send A Sext

Need to feel sexy almost immediately? Send a sext out to someone you know is good for a response. Even just crafting the words you want to turn them on will help you get turned on.


Get Naked

Take off all of your clothes. Get comfortable with your naked self and show it off unapologetically. Confidence is sexy.


Have A Daydream

Close your eyes for a few minutes and daydream about what exactly you'd like to happen if you had access to anything and everything. Michael Fassbender on a tropical island? Check.


Share Your Fantasy

Share your sexiest fantasy with your partner. By putting the thoughts in your mind out into the world, you're laying down the opportunity for them to satisfy one of your urges. That's hot.


Put On Sexy Lingerie

Lace, silk, plain cotton — whatever makes you feel sexiest, put it on. Wear it under your clothes all day, or slip into it when you get home from work. Having a go-to set of lingerie that makes you feel good will help get you into the mood as soon as you slip it on.


Don A Silky Robe

The feel of silky fabric against your skin is second to none. With lingerie underneath, or with nothing underneath. The choice is yours.


Take A Hot Shower

Sometimes, you just need a few minutes underneath a steamy stream of water to get you focused and in the mood. Lather yourself up with your favorite body wash, and let yourself enjoy the steamy session.


Listen To A Sexy Song

Pick a song that makes you feel super sexy, and put it on full volume. Whether it makes you dance, sing, or just writhe around in bed like a sex goddess, listening to your favorite sexy song will help get you there in no time at all.


Look Up Your Favorite Cinematic Sex Scene

Utilize your old friend the internet and pull up your favorite sex scene from your favorite movie. Sure, closing your eyes and imagining that scene from Unfaithful is great, but watching it once or twice wouldn't hurt either.


Get Out The Toys

When in doubt, pull your toys out of their box and have a little lie down with them. Spending a few minutes with your favorite vibrator will make sure you're ready to go.


Do A Quick Cardio Session

Take a few minutes to warm up, literally, and get your blood pumping. According to Everyday Health, releasing endorphins through cardio can get you in the mood.