15 Ways To Keep Yourself From Sweating This Summer

There are lots of fun reason to look forward to summer; beach trips, pool parties, and boat rides, to name a few. If I had it my way, I would spend each glorious summer day lounging waterside with an umbrellaed cocktail in my hand. Unfortunately, most of the summer days are spent just like the other days of the year — only a lot hotter. And along with that heat, your sweat quotient amps up in an attempt to cool your body. But never fear, there are ways to keep yourself from sweating this summer so you can stay cool and comfortable in any heatwave.

Keeping those sweat glands in check may be easier that you imagined. Whether you have sweaty hands, feet, pits, or face, making a few changes to your usual routine can give you that shower fresh feeling all summer long. While the sun beats down, you can feel confident that none of those unwanted sweat rings are going to form on your fave dress. Avoiding certain foods and drinks, as well as trading out your old products for stronger versions are all effective ways to give sweat the middle finger.

To keep yourself from sweating this summer, try these 15 tricks to dryer pits, and raise a glass to days spent poolside.


Simmer Down The Spice

Although eating a slice of pizza without sprinkling it with pepper flakes first may be a sin in your book, if you want to stay dry this summer, you'll need to set down the pepper shaker. As dermatologist Kelley Redbord told Men's Fitness magazine, spicy foods stimulate the part of your brain that fires up your sweat glands, so eating less hot sauce means staying drier in the warm months.


Go To Your Happy Place

If you're happy place is snowboarding down a mountain dusted with powdery snow, you may have an advantage to side-stepping sweat this summer. One of the conditions that can cause excessive sweating is stress, according to Mayo Clinic. Practicing de-stressing techniques, such as imagining yourself in a peaceful setting, can reduce your stress and your sweat.


Take It To The Maximum

Feel like you've tried every deodorant option the drugstore has to offer? It may be time to call in the pro of sweat busting. Once only available by prescription, heavy hitting antiperspirant, Drysol, is now available for order online, and can be used on hands, feet, and underarms.


Get Electric

Being open to different options may be beneficial if you want to stop sweating this summer. As Prevention magazine pointed out, to battle the sweat rings, consider iontophoresis, which is a process that runs a mild electrical current through the surface of skin.


Cool Down Your Diet

Summertime caffeine fixes means turning to iced teas and coffees. Since both hot foods and drinks can trigger sweating, it's best to avoid those in hot months, according to the website for Dr. Weil.


Suit Up In Bamboo

The fabrics you wear can affect how much or how little you sweat. To keep the dry feeling all day, Shape magazine suggested wearing clothes made from bamboo. This miracle cloth is moisture-wicking, light, and breathable, which means you won't have to worry about unwanted sweat spots.


Try Botox

These firming injections are just for wrinkles, botox can also help put an end to sweaty armpits, feet, and hands. According to Harvard Health Publications, botox works on sweat glands by paralyzing the nerves. One round of injections can keep you dry for six to 10 months.


Ask For A Prescription

Aside from prescription antiperspirant, oral medications are also an option to stop sweat. As Everyday Health reported, Beta blockers, benzodiazepines, and glycopyrrolate have been shown to hinder the production of sweat.


Befriend Dry Shampoo

If it's a sweaty noggin that's driving you crazy, head to your nearest drug store for a quick fix. Coming in a variety of scents and sizes, dry shampoo will absorb the excess oil and sweat from your scalp in an instant.


Watch What You Indulge In

Everyone has their guilty pleasures, but some of those indulgences could be amping up your sweat. According to Women's Health magazine, smoking, caffeine, and alcohol can all be causes of extra sweating.


Check Labels

All those products you're swiping on your underarms are not created equal. To keep sweating at bay, be sure to use antiperspirant instead of deodorant, as the website for Secret pointed out. They perform differently, and only antiperspirants are formulated to reduce wetness.


Invest In Summer Soles

If your sweaty feet are causing you problems, there's a product that can make hot days a walk in the (air conditioned) park. Pick up a few pairs on Summer Soles to insert into your favorite kicks and you won't dread the jaunt from your house to the store.


Pat On The Baking Soda

Sometimes the simplest solution may be right in your pantry. "Baking soda is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory," dermatologist David Bank told Fitness magazine. "In addition to drying up moisture, it prevents irritation."


Save Face

Don't worry about a shiny face this summer, there are plenty of products to help your makeup stay put, no matter how much the temperature rises. Try some of the sweat-proof cosmetic tips recommended by Women's Health magazine, such as using a primer and using mineral powder.


Schedule A Check Up

Suffering from chronic sweating could mean more than you realize. According to Mayo Clinic, there are many underlying medical causes for excessive sweating, so it's wise to visit your doctor who can administer the proper tests.