15 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That Most People Don't Talk About

by Lauren Schumacker

Pregnancy can be weird, really weird. And even if you think you've got it covered and know just what to expect after asking your friends, family members, and health care providers questions, reading every book you could get your hands on, and surfing the internet for additional information you may have missed, chances are, there are still some things you don't know. There are weird pregnancy symptoms that most people don't talk about that you likely need to know more about because if they happen to you and you never knew that they were a potential possibility, they can be a little bit unnerving or even a bit scary.

Symptoms of anything, pregnancy included, aren't all terrifying, nor are they all something that should be cause for concern. But when you think you know what to expect and then are faced with something for which you weren't prepared, it's only natural to feel a little bit uneasy about it. Weird symptoms are just that, they're weird. And they can definitely be unexpected. But some of them can also be things that you might not want to share with your own friends either, when they've gotten pregnant and are turning to you for advice and information. Weird symptoms are just part of a pregnancy, so it can be helpful to know what might happen so that you're ready when they do.


Chadwick's Sign

Chadwick's sign definitely fits the bill when it comes to weird pregnancy symptoms. If you've noticed that things are a little bit purple or blue down there, you're experiencing Chadwick's sign. WebMD noted that this happens because of increased blood flow to the cervix and vagina early in pregnancy, which causes the color change.


Your Blood Volume Goes Up A Lot

You might not realize that anything happens to your blood volume while you're pregnant, but it actually increases quite a bit. The Merck Manual noted that blood volume can increase nearly 50 percent during pregnancy and that by the end of your pregnancy, about one-fifth of your blood supply will be directed to your uterus.


You Might Get More Frequent Nosebleeds

Some people experience nosebleeds more frequently during their pregnancy than they typically do when not pregnant. That's because the vessels in your nose can get bigger and all that extra blood can cause ruptures, Baby Center reported. Though it can be scary to see blood at all when you're pregnant without thinking that something might be wrong, a nosebleed when you're pregnant doesn't necessarily indicate that there's anything about which to be concerned. That being said, if you can't get the nosebleed to stop, have other pain during your nosebleed, struggle to breath, or are worried you're getting them too often, seeking immediate medical attention is important.


You Start To Drool

You're dealing with much more saliva than is typical when you're pregnant, so drooling might not actually be that surprising, when it comes right down to it, but it probably wasn't something you were expecting before you got pregnant. A different Baby Center article noted that hormones, nausea, and heartburn (all of which are common, of course, during pregnancy) can all cause the uptick in saliva production. The Bump reported that brushing your teeth more frequently and using mouthwash might help you keep it in check.


You Feel Congested, Even Though You're Not Sick

You can sometimes feel all out of sorts when you're pregnant, and feeling as though you're congested, even when you're not sick, can be sort of strange. Parenting noted that more blood and changes in hormones can stress your mucous membranes, causing you to feel like you're congested.



Constipation can be a bummer of a symptom during your pregnancy. Today's Parent reported that progesterone levels are what causes your early-pregnancy constipation. Go easy on yourself and don't be afraid to tell your doctor if you're struggling with constipation. They might be able to make suggestions that will help.


You Have A Super Sense Of Smell

You know that pregnancy affects an awful lot, but one of the things that you may not realize it can have an impact on is your sense of smell. Denyse Kirkby, a midwifery teacher told Mother & Baby (UK) that the increased blood flow during pregnancy might be what heightens your sense of smell.


You're Itchy All Over The Place

There are a couple of different things that can cause itchiness during pregnancy, The Bump reported, which means that it can be a good idea to bring it up with your doctor. Though it might just be itchiness caused by your skin stretching as your pregnancy progresses, it could also be cholestasis, which can be treated. Use a nourishing skin cream and mention it at your next appointment.


A Metallic Taste In Your Mouth

A metallic taste in your mouth isn't entirely uncommon during pregnancy, but it might not be something that you're anticipating. The What To Expect website noted that your change in smell can be linked to your change in taste. It, too, can be linked to hormonal changes during pregnancy.


Voice Changes

Rebecca Starck, an OB/GYN, told the website for Today that vocal changes during pregnancy might be due to increased congestion in your nose and mouth. But it's hard to say exactly what might cause your voice to deepen during your pregnancy.


You've Gotten A Little Clumsy

You might notice that you're a bit clumsier than usual when you're pregnant. There are a number of reasons for that. A different article from the What To Expect website noted that hormones, your center of balance being different, and more can all affect your ability to keep your balance. Make sure that you step carefully and focus so that you minimize your risk associated with being clumsy.


You're Sweaty

If you think that you're sweating more during pregnancy than you typically do, it might not be all in your head. Being sweatier is a common — but strange — pregnancy symptom. The aforementioned article from Parenting noted that between your increased metabolism and your increased blood supply, it's expected that you'd feel warmer than usual.


Skin Tags

If you've never noticed skin tags on your body before and have noticed more and more since becoming pregnant, don't be shocked. Brit + Co noted that hormones might be the reason that you develop skin tags while pregnant. Talk to your doctor if you're upset about them, they might be able to do something about them.


You've Become A Snorer

Snoring while you're pregnant might seem harmless, but it might actually have a real impact. Prevention reported that University of Michigan researchers found that snoring during pregnancy can raise the risk of a C-section. If you snore, or are worried you might, talking to your doctor about ways to minimize snoring might be a good idea.


Hip Pain

Hip pain isn't all that uncommon during pregnancy either, but it's another thing that you might not expect. HealthyWay reported that between your growing, changing body and weight gain, it's not surprising that you might have some pain. And Ellen Giglio, a prenatal massage therapist, told HealthyWay that the influx of pregnancy-related hormones are also to blame for some hip pain.

Though you likely have heard a lot about the potential symptoms that await you during pregnancy, there are still some things that might take you by surprise. Having an idea what some of the stranger things include can help you be a little bit more prepared if — or when — they happen.