15 Women's History Month Tweets To Empower You

Hurray for March. It brings the return of Daylight Saving Time, the first day of spring, and a monthlong celebration of women's history. And with the number of Women's History Month tweets showing up on the internet, it's clear that people are ready to celebrate.

Some of these tweets highlight the lives of amazing women who made their mark on history. From congresswomen to medieval songwriters, this random sampling helps you to remember the scope of women's achievements throughout time. Whether they held conventions for women's rights or spoke out against injustices, these women earned their spot in the history books.

Other tweets simply share words of support and encouragement. After all, basically everyone needs a little motivation in the modern world. It's a pretty weird time for many people, and women in particular. (Seriously, could you have foreseen the 2017 Women's Marches even a year ago?)

To face the injustices and awkwardnesses of the current world, it helps to draw strength from these women of the past. After all, preserving though loads of societal crap to secure strong careers, families, and individual freedoms is (unfortunately) nothing new. But who knows? Maybe a few years from now, your granddaughter will happen across your pink hat from the Women's March, and you'll get to share your own experiences with women's history.


Words Of Wisdom

Support is the best gift of all.


Well Said

Although every month is a fantastic time for such discussion.


Overcoming The Odds

Who are you celebrating this month?


Inclusivity Is Key

It's crucial to honor all women.



Again, this should be celebrated all year long.


History In A Flash

From the tennis court to outer space, women have made all kinds of impacts on history.


Lead On

Recognizing the ways other women have helped your life is an important task.



Freedom is for all.


Global Perspective

It may be the perfect month to research feminism's impact around the world. Reading about the influential actions of women such as Shinde can be inspiring.


Well Said

Unfortunately, that stereotype still persists.


Women In The Arts

History is filled with the stories of groundbreaking female artists, even if their work tends to be left out of the major museums.


Statement Tee

The first African-American woman to serve the West Coast in Congress, Burke helped make inroads into politics for women in the 1970s.


Medieval Woman

Seriously, you could devote a lifetime to studying Hildegard Of Bingen's adventures with music, writing, and visions.


Fighting Fair

Wise words from a wise woman.


Making History

History never stops happening.