15 YouTube Beauty Tricks That Are Totally Legit

One of my biggest goals in life is to nail the perfect beauty routine. From skincare to makeup, finding all the right products and knowing how to correctly use them is something many women struggle with. As a result, I've become a regular YouTube surfer in an effort to figure out out what really works for my skin and skin tone. Of course, not all YouTube tutorials can be trusted. But when you find the YouTube beauty tricks that actually work, you have to share them with anyone who will listen.

Since I was never really into makeup during my younger years (I think the most makeup I used in college was mascara and a touch of lipstick), YouTube was a lifesaver when I entered my 20s and decided it was time to learn what products to use and how to properly use them. Though I can't say that I learned every single makeup hack, trick, or tip I know from watching YouTube videos, I can say that it was definitely a huge help to getting where I am today.

If you're looking to amp up your beauty routine, these 15 tricks from the YouTube experts will help you get started.


Eliminate Cakey Foundation

Tired of clumpy and cakey foundation? This tutorial on eliminating cakey foundation from Nikkia Joy will help you get that smooth finish.


Avoid Mascara Fails

If you have the issue of your mascara running all over the bottom of your lashes, this mascara trick from Chrissy Woods will definitely help you solve that issue.


Cover Dark Circles

Over those dark circles peeking through even after you've applied all of your concealer and foundation? Teaira Walker's tutorial on covering dark circles is the way to go.


Create Your Own Matte Lipstick

YouTuber Alexandra's Girly Talk gives a great trick to creating your own matte lipstick that totally works.


Remove Blackheads

Blackhead removal can definitely be a pain, but YouTuber Queenii Rozenblad has an interesting take on how to do it with this DIY blackhead removal tutorial.


Create The Perfect Eyebrow

There's nothing like having a great eyebrow to set your makeup look off and The Chic Natural's perfect eyebrow tutorial is how you'll get it.


Apply Lashes With Ease

I've never been one to wear fake lashes, but after seeing this false lash application tutorial from Chrissy Woods, I may reconsider.


Create Full Lips

Want to add a little more fullness to your puckers? Alexandra's Girly Talk delivers a cool lip contouring tutorial to help you get there.


Maintain Clear Skin

Clear skin is one of the most important things on my list and SunKiss Alba's tutorial on maintaining clear skin is very helpful to me having that.


Contour With A Spoon

Not sure how to really contour your skin? This perfect spoon contour tutorial from Nicole Skyes is sure to be added to your list of hacks to keep handy.


Avoid Smudged Eyeliner

If you're over the way your eyeliner smudges, Karima McKimmie's tutorial for preventing eyeliner smudging is perfect.


Blend Eyeshadow

If you ask any makeup artist what one of the most important things about applying eyeshadow is, they'll have no issue telling you that it's blending. That's why this eyeshadow blending trick from Alexandra's Girly Talk needs to bookmarked and favorited.


Create A Cream Highlighter

Are you a DIYer? If so, you'll love this DIY cream highlighter tutorial from Everyday Lauren.


Apply Eyeshadow The Right Way

One of the biggest issues I had when it came to my makeup was ensuring that my eyeshadow was applied correctly. If that's also one of your worries, then Laura Lee's eyeshadow do's and don'ts tutorial is perfect for you.


Bake With Baby Powder

Not interested in spending a bunch of cash on translucent powder to "bake" your face? See how Platinum D used some regular baby powder in her baking with baby powder tutorial instead.