16 Baby Names For Sunday Babies, That Are Simply Sensational


Naming a baby is a huge responsibility, and given the nearly endless number of options out there, it's also just plain hard sometimes. You can draw ideas from so many places when you're picking a name: your family tree for a relative to honor, baby name books to find something that has the perfect ring to it, or even the day your baby is born. If you're taking the days-of-the-week route, there are tons of cool names for babies born on Sunday that are perfectly fitting for a little one who's born as the weekend is winding down.

Sunday is literally "the sun's day", according to Time and Date, and the astrology website Astrospeak noted that Sunday babies are ruled by the sun. That means any names related to the sun and light will make sense. It's also considered "the Lord's Day" in Christian religious tradition, so some names with religious connotations are also fitting.

A baby name inspired by a day of the week doesn't have to be funky or "out there" — unless you want it to be of course. Some of these names are fairly common, while others you may not have heard of before.

Here are 16 superb names for babies born on Sunday.


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Naming a baby Sunday isn't unheard of — Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a daughter named Sunday Rose. She's named after a famed artist's muse, according to People, and not the day of the week.


Domenica is the Italian word for Sunday, but as a baby name it means "belonging to the Lord" according to Nameberry.


If Domenica doesn't feel quite right to you, Dominique is a similar-sounding alternative.


Dominic is the male version of the two names above, and it also means "belonging to the Lord" according to Nameberry.



Sunny is a cheerful sounding name for a Sunday baby. It means "brilliant" or "of the sun", according to Baby Center.


Give a nod to the seven days of the week (or the fact that Sunday is considered the seventh day by international standards according to Time and Date) with this baby name.


Soleil means "sun" in French, according to Baby Name Wizard. But be warned that this name might be mispronounced all the time — it's "so-LAY".


The baby name Elio is derived from the Greek god of the sun, Helios, according to Nameberry.


Eliana is the female version of Elio, according to The Bump, which makes it to mean "daughter of the sun."


Apollo is another naming honoring the son, as Apollo is the Olympian god of sun and light according to


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Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn according to She Knows, making it a great name for a Sunday baby. It's also the name of Sleeping Beauty.


An alternative to Aurora that's pretty self-explanatory, Baby Center noted that Dawn is an increasingly rare baby name, falling outside the top 1500.


A Christian parent with a child born on Sunday, the Christian day of worship, could consider the baby name Faith. It means "believing and trusting in God," according to Oh Baby! Names.


Sunday is also considered the day of rest in the Christian religious tradition. That makes Stellan, which means "at rest" according to Mom Junction, another meaningful option.


Another Christian inspired name, Christopher means "bearer of Christ," according to Baby Center.


Sunday is a holy day for Christians, making the name Ariana a fitting choice. It's Italian for "most holy" according to Nameberry.

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