The Most Magical Baby Names That Start With "M"

Choosing a moniker for your baby is huge. It's one of the few decisions you make in life that feels etched in stone. I did know a few kids growing up with nicknames that were a far departure from their real names (Ned for Charles?), but more often than not, kids are stuck with the name on their birth certificate. Finding just the right name then feels both thrilling and nerve-wracking. But, oh, it's magical when you find it. If you think "M" names are the most magical of all, here are 16 baby names that start with M that range from classic to maverick.

I always loved names with an alliterative quality, and with the last name Miller, my husband and I considered plenty of "M" names for our daughters. Marigold and Malin were on the shortlist for sure (and I still love both those names)! But, in the end, our naming decisions were dictated by what our baby girls looked like when they were born. We ended up with an A and C!

But back to the magnificent letter M. Whether you have a last name that starts with M, prefer a name that falls smack dab in the middle of the class list, or just think M names are marvelous, here are 16 names that might be the "one" for your baby boy or girl.



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When Jessica Simpson named her firstborn Maxwell, the moniker was instantly put on the map as a cool unisex option. The name Maxwell means "great stream" according to Nameberry.



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Fans of Simple Things will love the name Miguel. The name was more popular in the early aughts than it is today, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), but it still ranks among the top 200 most popular names for boys, as of 2017.



It seems like names that end with "son" — Emerson, Addison, Grayson — are having a real moment. But Madison might be the name that kicked off the trend. It was the second most popular girl name in both 2001 and 2002, and remained 17th in popularity in 2017, according to the SSA. The name also has a derived meaning of "gift of god," according to She Knows.



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When Angenlina Jolie adopted her first son, the world anxiously awaited news of his name. Of course, now Maddox is a household name, and according to People, it surged in popularity after Jolie chose it. Maddox is of Celtic/Welsh origin and means, "generous, forgiving," according to Oh Baby Names.



The name Madeleine is of French origin and means "woman from Magdala or high tower," according to Nameberry. The name has a ton of sweet variations, including Madeline (of children's book fame), Madelyn, and Madalynn. Plus, it comes with the built-in nickname Maddy.



This powerful sounding name means "great" in late Latin, according to Behind the Name. It is also a name with royal bearing. There was the 11th-century Norwegian king, Magnus I, followed by several other Norwegian and Swedish kings with the name, according to Behind the Name.



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Perhaps most closely associated with the Roald Dahl book Matilda, this quirky girl's name is pretty trendy now, and that might be thanks to the Tony-award-winning Broadway musical of the same name.

Actress Michele Williams, and the late actor Heath Ledger, also named their daughter Matilda, and the name is of English and German origin, meaning "mighty battler," according to Oh Baby Names.



Matthew is one of those classic names that never goes out of style. The name is of Hebrew origin and means "Gift of the Lord," according to She Knows.



The name Myla was ranked 325th on the SSA's list of "Most Popular Girl Names," in 2017. The unique name, which is sometimes spelled Mila, means, "soldier or merciful," according to Nameberry.



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The boy name, Milo, has been steadily gaining in popularity. In 2010, it was ranked just 423rd, but in 2017 "Milo" had climbed to 224th, according to the SSA.

Actress Alyssa Milano named her son Milo in 2011, according to US Weekly. And while the exact origin of the name is unknown, it might have German ties and mean "mild, calm, peaceful," or it alternately might have Slavonic roots and mean "merciful," according to Baby Name Wizard.



The feminine-sounding name, Mia, has been in many top 10 lists since the mid-aughts, but since 2013 it has consistently ranked 6th on the SSA's list of "Most Popular Girls Names." The name has Italina roots and means "mine," according to Behind the Name.



The name Macsen is the Welsh variation of Maximus, and means "greatest," according to Nameberry. It's also rooted in legend, if you're into names with some historical importance.



If I were to pick a name on its meaning alone, Maeve would surely top my list. It means, “the cause of great joy" or “she who intoxicates," according to Baby Names of Ireland. The name is also trending upward on the SSA's list of "Most Popular Girls Names," climbing from 619th in 2007 to 360th in 2017.



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The smart-sounding name Malcolm comes from the name, "Mael Coluim, which refers to Saint Columba, a 6th-century monk who is credited with Scotland's conversion to Christianity," according to Parents. I, for one, always associate the name with one of my favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote The Tipping Point and Outlier.



Sure, there's a big Western state bearing the name, but this unisex name is actually Latin in origin and means, "mountain," according to She Knows.



This Wild West-sounding name means "independent," according to Oh Baby Names. With a name like Maverick, how could your little man not be a bit of a cowboy?