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Only The Coolest Aunts Could Think Of These 16 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Kids

Becoming a parent is a magical and life-changing experience. In my humble opinion, the only thing that can rival becoming a parent is becoming an aunt. After all, we get to enjoy all the cutest, funniest aspects of babies and young children, yet none of the unpleasant stuff, like dirty diapers and discipline. We also get the biggest perk of all: spoiling our nieces and nephews with the coolest, funniest, and often the most obnoxious gifts we can find. These are 16 amazing holiday gifts for kids from the cool aunt, a position you've proudly held since day one.

There are a few different qualities that make a gift worthy of being gifted from a cool aunt. An item should either be something your niece or nephew really wants, something that will make them laugh, something that will keep them entertained for hours, or, if they're a baby, something that will make the people around them smile. Ideally, a gift will check more than one of these boxes. A cool aunt gift gets bonus points if mom or dad wouldn't be likely to buy it for their child themselves. (Sorry mom and dad... but one of the perks of being aunt of the year is giving little ones all the things that no one else will!)


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