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16 Cancer Dog Names For Your Sweet & Sensitive Pup


If you're adopting a new canine into the family this summer, then consider taking some inspiration from the stars when it's time to pick a name. The Cancer dog names are great for any pups born or adopted during the height of summer, aka Cancer season. It's a wonderful time of year to bring home a new dog with a beautiful (and not at all crabby) name.

First, here's a quick review about the zodiac sign known as Cancer. Those born from June 21 to July 22 fall under the sign of the crab, Cancer, according to Astrology.com. A water sign, Cancers are known for being moody, emotional, and highly devoted to their loved ones, as further explained in Astrology.com. Honestly, this sounds a lot like most dogs I know.

Plus, these names are cool for many reasons. If you know your dog was born in late June or early July, then these names can reflect their astrological sign. On the other hand, simply adopting a dog during Cancer season is a great reason to consider these cool names based on the zodiac. Honestly, they're fantastic monikers for dogs born or adopted any time of year. Drawing inspiration from words about water, the constellation itself, and of course crabs, these names for Cancer dogs are totally stellar.

1. Acubens (Ben)

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Literally look to the stars for inspiration with this name. Acubens is the name of a star found in the constellation of Cancer, according to Space. If the name is a little formal for your pup, then shorten it to Ben.

2. Brooke

It's a water-themed named for your water sign dog. Plus, most of the names related to water are just beautiful anyway.

3. Cascade

The beautiful-sounding name Cascade refers to a waterfall, according to BabyNames.

4. Claude

The name is similar to claws, for the crab sign. If you're a fan of dad jokes, then this is a great one.

5. Cordelia

Meaning "daughter of the sea," the name Cordelia is pretty perfect for your aqua dog, as noted in Nameberry. It's also the moniker of a Shakespearean character.

6. Isla

Continuing with the water theme, Isla is a name that means island, according to Baby Center.

7. June

Name your pup after June, the month that kicks off Cancer season.

8. July

Or go for July, the month that rounds out Cancer season. You can even give them the nickname Jules or Julie

9. Kai

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10. Moody

There's also the option of naming your dog after famous Cancer traits. For instance, Cancer signs are said to be moody and emotional at times, according to Astrostyle.

11. Oceania

Diving back into the water theme, the name Oceania references the ocean, according to Think Baby Names. (You probably guessed this one, though.)

12. Rain

I just adore the idea of a big, friendly, water-loving lab named Rain.

13. Shelly

This cute name can refer to a crab shell.

14. Tegmine

Here's another unusual choice. Tegmine means "the shell of the crab," and it refers to the constellation of Cancer, according to Constellation-Guide.

15. True

Another big Cancer trait is loyalty, according to Cosmopolitan. Calling your dog True is a sweet way to honor this attribute.

16. Ruby

A birthstone associated with Cancer signs is the ruby, according to Crystals and Jewelry. Whether you're into the zodiac, crustaceans, or all things watery, these Cancer sign dog names are all a perfect fit for your summer dog.