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16 Cheap Holiday Gifts For Every Kind Of Dad

During the holiday season, there's usually one man who makes gift-giving especially tricky, and that's dad. What are you supposed to get the man who more or less has everything, especially when you're shopping on a budget? Luckily, there are plenty of cheap gifts for dad that your old man is sure to enjoy, thanks to all the budget-friendly offerings out there.

But practical tools or nifty gadgets make solid, affordable dad gifts because they will probably get a lot of use. When it comes to dad stuff, one of the trickiest parts is finding something he'll actually reach for on a regular basis. I've learned from experience that decorative things like tie clips are not going to get a lot of use from men who aren't exactly the male equivalent of a fashionista. And when in doubt, I always go for elevated suds or something edible, because pretty much everyone enjoys those things, and at the least, they'll be used or consumed. In fact, one of my go-to dad gifts every year is a slightly special shampoo. He actually asks for that one by name, which is something that never happened with the more frivolous gifts that I've given him in the past.

Whether your dad is sporty, geeky, or just plain cool, there are loads of affordable products to brighten up his life. In addition, all of these things are actually useful, like tools or grooming products. Chances are, none of these gifts will sit gathering dust by February.


For The Sailor At Heart

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap, $7, West Elm

This multipurpose soap is basically made with dads in mind. It produces a mineral-rich foam that cleanses and softens skin. Plus, the lather can be used for shaving as well.


For The Handy Type

Stanley Multi-Tool, $15, Amazon

Multi-tools are fantastic gifts for most everyone, but dads in particular tend to appreciate them. This multi-tool features a dozen useful devices, including four screwdrivers, wire cutters, and a bottle opener. Basically, a handy dad could build a house with this tool alone. Ok, maybe a tiny one for a small creature like a hamster.


For The Dad Who's Always On His Phone

Keychain Charging Cable, $14, Amazon

To be honest, I'm considering this gift for almost everyone on my list this year. This little keychain means you'll always have a smartphone charging cable on hand. It's perfect for those moments when a phone starts running out of juice at the worst possible time.


For The Rock Star Dad

Guitar Pick Holder Keychain, $8, Urban Outfitters

If your dad is musically inclined, this is a cool gift. The keychain comes with three picks and a handy leather case. Now your dad can practice shredding any time, any place.


For The Dad With Too Many Tools

14 Pocket Tool Roll, $10, Harbor Freight

Tool rolls are a great way to store a bunch of tools in a compact space, and keep them organized. This roll has room for all the essential wrenches and rasps. Plus, it's much easier to transport than a bulky toolbox. Get one for home and for the car.


For The Fancy Dad

Desk Fountain Pen, $12, Jet Pens

Give your dad a super elegant writing utensil. This pen has an elongated body and extra-fine nib. It makes jotting down notes a little extra.


For The 'Star Wars' Fan

Star Wars: Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn, $8, Barnes & Noble

Let your dad enjoy a fun adventure with the biggest space badass of them all. This book follows the further escapades of Han Solo as he finds not-so-legal ways to pay off his debts. Infiltrating a criminal's safe is a flawless plan, right?


For The Minimalist Dad

Hair & Body Wash, $10, Jack Black

As far as men's skincare is concerned, the Jack Black line has it all. For instance, the Turbo Wash is an all-in-one cleanser for dads who can't deal with multiple products in the shower. Plus, it's scented with rosemary and eucalyptus for a next-level shower.


For The Dad Who Appreciates A Close Shave

Harry's Grooming Gift Set, $15, Target

Treat your dad to a clean shave. This kit features a lotion, shaving cream, shaver, and razor from cult-favorite Harry's. Plus, you get an offer for four free blades as well.


For The Punny Dad

Beer Pun Towels, $7, Bed Bath & Beyond

What's a dad without his dad jokes? These dish towels are perfect for every dad who loves his brews. They add a pop of fun to any kitchen or home brew setup.


For The Tidy Dad

Carbon Device Cleaner, $15, The Grommet

Help your dad banish smudges and bacteria on his phone with this cool gadget. The device uses carbon pads to get a screen extra-clean. Oh, and it's made from 10 percent goat hair, in case you were curious.


For The Horticulturalist Dad

Venus Fly Trap Terrarium, $8, Amazon

This is one of the weirdest, coolest things you can buy on Amazon for less than ten dollars. It's a baby B52 Venus fly trap in a self-sustaining terrarium. As a bonus, this unusual plant requires basically no upkeep while it's growing.


For The Dad Who Likes Spice

Hot Sauce Set, $10, World Market

Packaged in skull-shaped Mason jars, these hot sauces certainly look intimidating. If your dad is a fan of spice, then the garlic, chipotle, and habanero sauces will be right up his alley. They're begging to kick up a giant bowl of chili or BBQ.


For The Dad Who Is Lit

Telescopic Flexible Led Flashlights, $12, Amazon

Ok, not that kind of lit. Sure, your dad probably has a cache of flashlights, but this little set is unique. The extendable neck lets you shine light almost anywhere, and the magnetic end can pick up lost screws or bolts. Essentially, these flashlights are the perfect helpers for any project.


For The Cool Dad

Slouchy Beanie Hat, $10, Amazon

Help your dad brave the winter weather. This lined skull cap is made for staying warm all season. Plus, the knit design looks super neat.


For The Athlete

Sweat-Proof Sports Earbuds, $13, Amazon

If your dad enjoys running or crushing it in the gym, then these headphones are a great gift. Sweat-proof and ergonomic, they're designed to stay put through any activity. Plus, they have a remote for answering calls whenever your dad's favorite kid wants to chat.

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