16 Unique Etsy Father's Day Gifts

by Irina Gonzalez

When it comes to celebrating the dad in your life, there's nothing quite as special as spending all of Father's Day with him. But you know that you should also get him a little something, and what's better than a unique and crafty gift this year? If that's your kind of dad, then he might just appreciate a cool Father's Day 2017 gift from Etsy.

The online market is full of special and great Father's Day gifts that are sure to make any dad happy and proud. Your dad might already have everything he could possibly want (especially with you as a kid), but he might still appreciate a gift or two from this list. Of course, you might also be buying for the other dads in your life — your partner, your brother, your friends. No matter what the situation, Etsy probably has just what you need.

My own dad is a fan of anything fishing related, since that's pretty much the only hobby he has ever truly loved. The "Hooked On Daddy" keychain might just be ideal for him, am I right? If you're still looking for the perfect gift for that special dad in your life, here are 17 unique and crafty Father's Day 2017 gifts from Etsy.


For The New Dad

"First Father's Day" Onesie, $13, Etsy

For the new dad in your life, this "First Father's Day" onesie will make him feel like a super special guy.


For The Best Dad

Framed Father's Day Print, $15, Etsy

For Dad's office, this framed Father's Day print is easy on the eyes and an adorable way to remind him of all the little in his brood.


For The Coffee Addict Dad

"Emergency Dad Jokes" Mug, $15, Etsy

The dad joke is something that some men spend their entire lives training for, and you can honor his sense of humor with this hysterical "Emergency Dad Jokes" mug.


For The Fisherman Dad

Fishing Keychain, $20, Etsy

Some dads like fishing, and there's no keeping him away from the rods for too long. Luckily, now he can carry with him this fish daddy keychain to remember all his little ones while he's out there on the sea.


For The Handy Dad

Engraved Father's Day Hammer, $18, Etsy

Thank Dad for every hammer he's ever nailed, every drawer he's ever fixed, and any drain he's ever cleared with this custom engraved Father's Day hammer that will make all his hammering dreams come true.


For The Fashionable Dad

Personalized Bracelet, $39, Etsy

For the super stylish dad in your life (you know who he is), get him this personalized bracelet that comes with custom leather colors and a charm that can be engraved with coordinates, names, initials, a date, symbols, Roman numerals, your words, or any design.


For The Superhero Movie Loving Dad

Super Dad and Didekick Outfits, $32, Etsy

If you know a dad who is always the first in line to see the next Avengers movie and was raving about Wonder Woman all week, get him this super dad and sidekick matching shirts and he's sure to feel super.


For The Camping Dad

Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife, $10, Etsy

Dad needs to be prepared for when he goes camping (or when he's opening the seventh Amazon Prime box he got that week), and now he can be fully equipped thanks to the personalized engraved pocket knife.


For The Dad Who Loves To Entertain

Personalized Cocktail Shaker Mixer Set, $80, Etsy

Dad loves a cocktail after work and he's always the first one mixing that pitcher of sangria at your summer cookouts, so why not take his game up a notch with a personalized cocktail shaker mixer set. With a gorgeous monogrammed box, everyone is sure to be impressed by his new entertaining skills.


For The Adventure Seeking Dad

Engraved Compass, $35, Etsy

Maybe Dad has always been the adventurous type or he's picked up traveling in his later age. That Dad might just love this engraved compass, which you can customize with your own special message.


For The Musical Dad

Hand Stamped Guitar Pick, $24, Etsy

Your dad plays the guitar, and you know that's cool. Get him a hand stamped guitar pick for a unique gift. Customize a special message or go with the beautifully inscribed, "Couldn't pick a better dad."


For The Bearded Dad

Beard Grooming Kit, $25, Etsy

Dads with beards know that they must take care of their facial hair, and what better way than with this really amazing beard grooming kit that is sure to keep his face just the way he likes it.


For The Techie Dad

Keyboard Decal, $12, Etsy

Spruce up your dad's computer with this logos keyboard decal. Choose from a variety of devices and language styles, and see his eyes light up every time he turns on the computer at home.


For The Dad Who's A Fan Of Craft Beer

Monogrammed Beer Caddy, $35, Etsy

If you know a dad who loves beer, then it's a good bet that he will also love this monogrammed beer caddy with bottle opener. Get it printed with his name for a keepsake that he will want to keep forever.


For The Funny Dad

"World's Greatest Farter" T-shirt, $10, Etsy

Father's Day jokes are a classic, and so is this "World's Greatest Farter" t-shirt. He'll be giggling as he puts in on and wears it all day, just watch.


For The Organized Dad

Men's Valet Tray, $33, Etsy

Give your dad the gift of organization... or just a really cool place to store his keys, smartphone, and other knick-nacks. This valet tray is also a great way to let him know that he's the "Best Dad Ever."