16 Hilarious (& Inappropriate) Father's Day Memes That'll Get A Roar Out Of Your Dad

by Kristin Manna
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The sun is out, and it is hot. So get that grill ready because Father's Day is fast approaching and no one loves to fire up the grill more than your dad. It's their happy place, where they feel the most zen, and it makes sense that the best days for grilling coincide with this holiday. And you know what else is perfect for Father's Day? Jokes. On Dad. Make this holiday even more memorable with a hilarious Father's Day meme that will make your dad literally LOL.

When choosing a Father's Day meme, you want something that not only shows how great he is as a dad, but one that makes fun of him, too. As long as it's relatable to your dad, you can bet he will be laughing his head off. Go for a dad joke — your pop probably loves those — or a meme that reinforces the fact that fathers can do everything mothers can do almost as well. Whatever meme you pick, make it personal to your dad so he feels like you really know him. And you can be sure that he'll be showing it off to everyone. (Or would you rather have him showing off your baby photos?)

Here are some of the most hilarious Father's Day memes out there. You can't not pick a good one from this list.


I Made This

It's crazy when you think about the human body and all the things it can do. Although, men don't go through nearly as much transformation as a woman, creating a child is still fascinating, and you can't deny that he was probably part of the equation.


Sports Fans

Some might say that one of the most important roles of a dad is to help their kid pick their favorite sports teams. Some dads take this job very, very, very seriously.


Star Wars Fan

Yes, every dad who is a true Star Wars fan would go crazy for this meme. In the series, they cloned Boba Fett's DNA to create the Stormtroopers. So yes, in a weird way Boba Fett is a father, too.


Not Into Barbecues

A meme for all the dads who aren't into the traditional barbecue party on Father's Day. Some men want to be taken out to brunch just like all the mothers. Expect a lot of dads clearing their plates and saying, "I didn't like it," to the waiter. This is a joke every dad thinks is his own.


Father's Day Tool

Here's to all the little pride-and-joys out there who spent years serving as their dad’s apprentice in his workshop, and still don’t know how to use a tool. When you send him this, remind him of the lessons he taught you about the importance of thinking outside the box and using the tools you have in front of you.


He Can Do It

A father can do everything a mother can do. Is it just as good? Probably not. But at least they tried. And they can keep on trying, too, because you frankly need the help.


When's Father's Day?

It might take your dad a minute to get this, but basically this meme is implying that Father's Day is when the baby is conceived, and Mother's Day is when the baby arrives. Honestly though, how is it that no one ever remembers it's actually Father's Day until the last minute?


Brand Loyal

Most families are planned, some are happy surprises. This is a hilarious meme that pokes fun at other birth controls methods. Good thing you didn't use Durex or you would be missing out on your little bundle.



The best thing about parents is that they pretend to love any gift you give them. No matter what it is, the gift will be displayed on the refrigerator.


Perfect Timing

Hey, this is just pure honesty. Plus, he probably feels the same way because could you imagine him sitting you down to tell you that once pictures are on the internet, they never go away? Awkward conversation avoided.


All Grown Up

A fun way to let your dad know you are all grown up. Thank him for helping you become strong, and show him who the new boss around this house is.


No Complaints

Father's Day is a day to celebrate everything great about your dad, even if he does drive you crazy. I mean that's what parents are for right?


Getting Awkward

Let's admit some dads are awkward AF. Not that they mean to be. So why not celebrate that weird relationship you have with your dad this year and have a good laugh about it?


Be Literal

This is not the most PG meme for Father's Day, but you can't help but let out a laugh once the meaning of this meme really registers. You should read this one very literally.


Dinner's on You

That's what dads are for, right? As Mona-Lisa Saperstein from Parks & Recreation would say, "Money please!"


Classic Mug

Game of Thrones fans will find this meme hilarious. A classic Father's Day gift that every dad deserves is a #1 Dad mug. But perhaps the least deserving of this gift is character Stannis Baratheon — a dad who sacrificed his kid to try and become king. Yeah, I would say he doesn't deserve that mug.

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