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These 16 Funny Secret Santa Gifts Are Just Too Good

It's already December, and Christmas is only a few weeks away. Hopefully, you already got all your family's gifts out of the way, even your sister's new weird boyfriend. But what about your Secret Santa gift exchange you agreed to? Let's admit this is always the best way to exchange gifts. Not only does it save you from having to buy presents for a whole group of people but it's fun too. Everyone gets a gift! And since it is Christmas you'll want to buy a funny Secret Santa gift that doesn't suck.

When buying a Secret Santa gift you want something that is personal to the person you've drawn. A gift that as soon as they open it, they will want to know immediately who their awesome gift giver was. It seems that whenever this game is played, everyone hopes that their closest friend drew their name — that almost always guarantees that they'll get something they actually like. No matter how close you are with your Secret Santa though, you can still get them a hilarious gift that they will love, or at least give them some great laughs. Whether it is a funny book, selfie stick, or even a silly mug, you want something that not only expresses their personality but is silly too.

These are some of the funniest Secret Santa gifts, and they're all under twenty dollars. How could you go wrong?


For The Taco Lover

Tricerataco Holder, $12, Uncommongoods

Dinosaurs, tacos — it's a win win for someone!


For The Needs-A-Drink-After-Work Buddy

Good Day, Bad Day Rocks Glass, $17, Amazon

Know someone that's always inviting you for a post-work drink? Let them moderate themselves based on the day they've had.


For The Friend You Are Most ThankFul For

Thank You for Being a Friend: Life According to The Golden Girls, by Emma Lewis, $15, Urban Outfitters

Who doesn't love The Golden Girls? This Golden Girls-themed book is filled with quizzes, Cheesecake recipes, and even dating advice from Blanche. This is the perfect gift for any fan of the hit show.


For The Person Who Is Out Of This World

Cosmos of All Mug, $15, ModCloth

I mean who wouldn't want to drink their morning coffee from a mug with a cat on it, in space, grabbing a burger? This gift will put a smile on anyone's face.


For The Dolly Parton-Obsessed

Dolly Parton Devotional Prayer Saint Candle, $13, Etsy

All hail Dolly Parton. This gift will be sure to get a laugh.


For The Vain Friend

ReTrak Bluetooth Selfie Stick, $10, Best Buy

We all have that friend that takes a few too many selfies, and this is the perfect gift for them. That is if they don't already own it.


For The One Who Complains They Don't Have A Boyfriend

Sculpt Your Own Boyfriend Clay Model Set, $18, Selfridges

What better way to manifest the man of your dreams? Just sculpt him!


For The Tina Fey Fan

Tina Fey*k it 'Till You Make It Illustration Print, $14, Etsy

We all have that friend who loves a good pun, and if they love a good pun, they probably are a fan of Tina Fey, making this the perfect Secret Santa gift for them.


For The Sarcastic Soul

The Onion Book of Known Knowledge, by The Onion, $16, Amazon

Where there is a sarcastic person, there is an Onion fan. This a fun book full of mostly random, but also useful, tidbits.


For The Friend Who's Always At Odds With Their Co-Worker

Get Along With Your Co-Workers Gum, $2, Off The Wagon Shop

This gag gift is perfect for the friend who never seems to stop complaining about the shenanigans that are going on at the office.


For The Basic B*tch

What Do You Meme? Game: Basic B*tch Pack, $14, Amazon

Know someone who is obsessed with memes and is a huge Cards of Humanity fan? What do you meme? Is the perfect game for them. And if they're a real pop culture junkie, the Basic B*tch expansion pack will keep them entertained all night.


For The Animal Lover

The Farting Animals Coloring Book, by M.T. Lott, $4, Amazon

Not only is this fart-themed coloring book relaxing, but it's funny too. Just pair it with some fancy color pencils, and anyone who needs a little down time will love it.


For The Person Who Aways Disagrees

I'm Not Arguing Mug, $15, Etsy

We all have that friend who loves to be right. Surprise them with this mug. It will finally be something they won't argue about.


For The Painter

Bob Ross Bobblehead, $13, Urban Outfitters

This Bob Ross Bobblehead is a real gem that says ten different wise phrases from Bob himself. Plus it comes with an easel featuring some of the artist's most memorable paintings.


For The Cat Lover

Pepperoni Pizza Costume for Cats, $12, Etsy

This is the perfect gift for any cat owner. Their cat will probably hate it, but it will be sure to give everyone else a good laugh.


For Those Who Appreciates Bathroom Art

Home is Wherever I Can Poo Art, $14, Etsy

This should be hanging in everyone's bathroom. Not only does it warm the heart but it's hilarious too.


For The One Who Is always Too Hungover

The Hungoevr Cookbook, by Milton Crawford, $10, Barnes & Noble

I don't know one person that couldn't use this book. It is organized by six different kinds of hangovers, which allows the reader to choose what meal would be best suited for their specific illness.

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