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16 Great Last Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Get At The Supermarket (Yes, Really)

Even with rush shipping, online orders won't get here in time for your holiday festivities. The mall is half an hour away, and you don't have the time or patience to navigate that chaos right now. That said, you still have a handful of people on your shopping list that need a gift. You're running to get groceries... is it possible to kill two birds with one stone? Turns out, you're in luck. Here are 16 great last minute gifts you can get at the supermarket that are just as good as any fancy mall gift.

Of course, getting someone a gift from the grocery store can require a bit of creativity. It's not like you can hand the recipient a can of black beans or even a plain pack of M&Ms, unless you want them to assume you procrastinated until the very last minute or simply didn't care to put much thought into it. The key is to pick up a few (affordable) items to create a themed gift, or an experience, for the recipient. Instead of wondering if you picked up the gift at the grocery store on the way over or grabbed something from the back of your own pantry, they'll be commending your creativity.


Hot Cocoa Kit

Who doesn't love a hot cup of hot cocoa in the winter time? Create an entire hot cocoa kit with cocoa, marshmallows, and some Pepperidge Farms Pirouette wafers or flavored stirring sticks.


Floral Arrangement

A festive floral arrangement is the perfect gift for a holiday host or hostess. An bouquet of poinsettias, amaryllis, or white or red roses are all ideal for the season. Throw them in a nice vase from the store and you're good to go.


Charcuterie Basket

Give the gift of a charcuterie board in a basket. Get a yummy variety of cured meats and throw in some nice cheeses and crackers to complete it.


Candles & Bubble Bath

Everyone deserves a little TLC. Pick out some bubble bath or bath bombs from the toiletries aisle and pair it with a relaxing scented candle. The recipient will thank you next time they relax in the tub.


Hydration Helper

I'm a sucker for cute water bottles, so this is a personal favorite gift. Find a fun tumbler or reusable water bottle and fill the inside with flavored water drops or flavor packets. Help your friend get in their eight glasses a day in a delicious way.



If your loved one has a sweet tooth, your job is easy. Head to the candy aisle, and make up a gift basket of assorted chocolates and other sweets. Don't forget, the way to a person's heart is through their stomach.


Baked Goods

Your grocery store's bakery should have all sorts of festive baked goods around the holidays. Splurge on a variety of fun, "fancy" baked items, like chocolate croissants and bundt cakes.


Stuffed Animals & Fuzzy Socks

My local grocery store has some surprisingly high-quality fuzzy socks (and I have an extensive collection to prove it). A pair of colorful, cozy socks and a little stuffed animal makes the sweetest gift.


Beer & Nuts

My husband is happy as a clam when he's got a cool new craft beer to try and a bowl of seasoned nuts. If you've got a friend who loves trying new brews, this is a great pairing.


Coffee & Cookies

Nothing goes better together than coffee and a sweet treat. Splurge on the nicest coffee you can find (maybe something holiday-flavored like peppermint) and a bag of dippable cookies, like Milanos.


Fancy Bottle of Olive Oil

The amateur chef in your life knows the value of a great bottle of olive oil. Treat them to your grocery store's fanciest bottle, and they'll think of you every time they're whipping up something new in the kitchen.


Bottle of Wine

This is an easy gift that's always appreciated. Grab a bottle of your personal favorite, or grab something luxurious for the recipient.


Nail Kit

Head to your grocery store's pharmacy, and put together a home manicure kit including a nail file, some hand scrub, and a bottle or two of a festive holiday polish.


Lottery Tickets

Are you feeling lucky? Many grocery stores sell lottery tickets, which make a fun (and easy) holiday gift. Who knows, it may be the best gift you ever give someone.


"As Seen On TV" Goodies

I'm totally mesmerized by those infomercials for weird products, and many grocery stores have entire sections dedicated to them. However, I'd probably never spend money on the gadgets myself... which is exactly why they make the best gift! They may or may not change your friend's life, but at least they'll be fun to try.


Gift Cards

Most grocery stores have racks of gift cards for various restaurants and shops, including their own. It may not be the most creative gift you've ever given, but at least you'll know that your recipient will actually use it.


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