16 'Moana' Toys & Gifts That Your Kid Will Love

Moana is the animated movie of the season, thanks to its powerful female heroine and rockin' soundtrack. If your little ones have already seen it, you're probably thinking about Moana toys and gifts the kids will love. If they're asking for a few Moana-inspired items for the holidays, some of the best Moana gifts to unwrap this holiday season can talk, sing, and engage your child's imagination.

Set in ancient Polynesia and based on Polynesian mythology, Moana (pronounced mo-ahna, in case you're like me and was calling her Mona) is the story of the sea-voyaging chief's daughter whose island is hit by a curse incurred by Maui, who has stolen the goddess Te Fiti's heart. When the crops fail and the fishermen can't catch any fish, Moana sets out on a voyage across the Pacific to persuade Maui to return the goddess's heart and restore her island's way of life.

With a pig for a sidekick and a magical necklace, Moana is rife with opportunities for imaginative toys and gifts for the holidays. The best Moana gift options cover a whole range of ages and interests, and these 16 toys and games in particular will turn anyone's home-bound holiday into a Polynesian sea-voyaging adventure.


Maui's Magical Fish Hook

Maui's Magical Fish Hook, $15, Amazon

Maui's weapon, the fish hook, is motion activated, lights up, and plays a host of sounds from the movie. Great for kids 3 and older.


Moana's Singing Necklace

Moana's Singing Necklace, $20, Amazon

Open the shell, and touch the glistening stone inside to hear Moana sing "How Far I'll Go."


LEGO 'Moana' Ocean Voyage

Lego Moana Ocean Voyage 41150, $40, Amazon

Re-enact Moana's ocean voyage in Lego form with her canoe, Te Fiti island, and even a catapult for the Kakamora. (There's nothing more fun than a Lego catapult, really.)


Little Adventures Polynesian Princess Dress With Matching Doll Dress

Little Adventures Polynesian Princess Dress with Matching Doll Dress, $41, Amazon

Every dress up box needs a Polynesian ocean-voyager — complete with a full dress for a doll, as well. This set includes a dress and hair clip for ages 7 to 9, as well as a dress and hair clip for a 15- to 20-inch doll.


LEGO 'Moana' Island Adventure


LEGO Moana Island Adventure 41149, $25, Amazon

If Lego is really up your kids' alley, check this set off your list. Moana's house (with a fire for cooking), a cave area with a waterfall, as well as Moana, her pet pig Pua, special drums, and a palm tree.


Moana Singing Adventure Doll With Friends


Singing Moana Doll and friends, $50, Amazon

Moana, her loyal pet pig Pua and her rooster Heihei, all in mini version and musical. Press Moana's shell necklace for her rendition of "How Far I'll Go" and a selection of movie phrases.


Swing 'N Sounds Maui

Swing 'n Sounds Maui, $21, Amazon

Maui, the demigod with a swinging fish hook, can rattle off ten phrases from the movie. A great choice for kids ages 3 and up.


'Moana' Sorry!

Sorry Disney Moana Board Game, $24, Amazon

If you have board game fanatics in the family, pick up this version of Sorry! The pieces are the characters from the movie, and the heart of Te Fiti tokens protect players from danger.


Moana's Friend Heihei Stuffed Animal

Disney Moana's friend HeiHei stuffed animal, $32, Amazon

HeiHei, Moana's hilarious rooster friend, in plush and soft form. Perfect for a younger child not quite ready for action figures or Lego.


'Moana' Temporary Tribal Tattoos


Moana Temporary Tribal Tattoos, $20 for a pack of 144, Amazon

This pack comes with quite a lot of temporary tattoos, but they'd make great stocking stuffers if you have a ton of cousins in your family.


'Moana' Soundtrack

Moana Soundtrack, $12, Amazon

A soundtrack can be a dangerous gift; you run the risk of little ones asking to listen to it on repeat every time the car starts. But the bonus with this soundtrack is that it features original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame, so you know the quality will be good.


'Moana' Socks

Moana Girls' Socks, $10 for pack of 5, Amazon

If your little ones are into Moana merchandise, but they already have the T-shirts emblazoned with Moana and Maui, socks are the perfect gift. They're certified Moana gear, and these socks fit girls' shoe sizes 7.5 to 3.5.


'Moana' Six-Piece Percussion Set

Moana Six-Piece Percussion Set, $20, Amazon

Does your kiddo have a good sense of rhythm? How about this six-piece percussion set with two drums, drumsticks, and two maracas?


'Moana' Art Folio And Art Supplies

Moana Art Supplies And Folio, $38, Amazon

I love a good gift that does double duty; it's perfect for the Moana fan but also great for keeping kids busy drawing their favorite scenes from the movie. Plus, it tidies all away into a nice neat portfolio. This package comes with a dozen washable markers, 33 stickers, two tribal stencils, an art pad, watercolor paints, and two paintbrushes.


'Moana' Adventure Canoe Ball Pit

Moana Adventure Canoe Ball Pit, $57, Amazon

You'll get major cool parent points for this gift: a ball pit canoe with a paddle that folds away when your kids are through playing with it.


'Moana' Book And Magnetic Drawing Kit

Moana Book And Magnetic Drawing Kit, $20, Amazon

If you have a holiday road trip ahead of you, this is a great option for little artists: a no-mess magnetic drawing kit and story book for added inspiration.

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