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16 November-Inspired Cat Names, From Pumpkin To Peanut Butter & More

If you find yourself adding a cat to your family this month (a fabulous early holiday gift, perhaps?) then the new addition is going to need an equally fabulous name. Chances are that your family will spend hours debating what to call your new feline friend, so if you need some inspiration, I’ve rounded up 16 November-inspired cat names that your whole family will love. You may want to select a few of your faves and resort to a very democratic voting situation, or pick a name out of a hat (this is exactly what my mom had us do when we got a puppy ⁠and the name she wanted was chosen "at random" — it just occurred to me that maybe she rigged the system).

If you do decide to adopt this month, November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, per the ASPCA, which is a great reminder that animals over the age of 4 need homes too. Maybe a kitten is the right choice for your family, however, and if you'll be sticking around for low-key celebrations, then the holiday season is a great time to add a new little to your crew. Now if only you could choose a name...



Topaz is the November birthstone, according to the American Gem Society. While the gem can come in many colors, it's typically associated with a vivid yellow that reminds me of a black cat's golden eyes. It's a beautiful, uncommon name you won't get sick of saying.




I'm firmly pro-cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, and apparently I'm also pro-Cranberry as a cat's name. It's fun to say, plus it conjures up both a sweet and a tart flavor. This duality is reflected in the personalities of some cats, too, who will jump into your lap one minute and swat at you the next.



Amber is both a gemstone and the smell of my favorite fall candle. I love that this is both a human's name (anyone else love pets with people names?) and a warm, sweet smell that reminds me of baking pies on crisp days. Perfect for a cat that makes your life a bit sweeter.



You may be familiar with Movember, which is a movement for people to grow mustaches in the month of November. It's a fun tradition that raises money for men's health issues, per the Movember Foundation. Plus Mustache is a ridiculously cute name that you probably won't want to use for a human baby.



Chrysanthemums are the official flower of November, per ProFlowers, and it's one of the few flowers that blooms in the fall. This name opens up a ton of nicknames you could call your cat by, like Chrys, or Mums.


Leonardo Di-cat-prio

I mean, come on. If I had a cat born or rescued in the eleventh month of the year, I'd definitely use this name. Leonardo Dicaprio was born on Nov. 11, so the name is relevant while also being fun. I may be partial to cats with pun names however, because my favorite kitten ever is named Chairman Meow.



November is National Aviation History Month, which is dedicated to, "exploring, recognizing and celebrating America's great contributions and achievements in the development of aviation," according to Flight Museum. I love picturing a cat as a little pilot in aviator sunglasses, plus you could call it Avi for short.



Thanksgiving food always makes me think of root vegetables that are harvested in the fall; brussel sprouts and roasted carrots are some of my faves. I can actually see a name like this becoming trendy among celeb babies at some point; then you could say you thought of it first.



I happen to love animals who are named after other animals , like a dog named Moose or a cat named... Turkey. It's silly, it's cute, it's for a cat that doesn't take itself too seriously. Plus this is a great conversation starter.




Is there anything better than the smell of cinnamon baking in a pumpkin pie? This name works especially well if your cat is a warm reddish-brown color, just like the spice.



Scorpio just seems like a cat name to me, plus it's the zodiac sign for most of November. If you get a cat after Nov. 22, when Scorpio season ends, then maybe you'll call it Sagittarius instead. Aw, or you could get two cats, and have one of each name, but I'm getting ahead of myself.


Peanut Butter

I'll admit that I don't normally associate peanut butter with any specific month, but November is National Peanut Butter Lovers month, per One Green Planet, and I am indeed a fan of PB (smooth for life). This name would be so cute for an orangy brown Tabby cat. It just needs a brother named Jelly.


Black Friday

Black Friday is actually a really bad ass name, especially when taken out of context. It reminds me of something a racehorse would be called, and is perfect for a black cat.


Parker Posey

I've always wanted a pet (or maybe even a child) named Parker Posey, so I was psyched to find out that the hilarious actress was born on November 8. (according to It's fun to have a cat with two names, plus the amount of nicknames you can think up are endless.



November may feel like winter sometimes, but it's really still fall all month long. Autumn is a really beautiful name that makes me think of blazing trees, crisp nights, and apparently cats. I think it's well-suited for a regal feline.




You could take a cue from Kim and Kanye, who named their second-born Saint. All Saints' Day falls the day after Halloween on Nov. 1 and this name is short, strong, and easy for everyone to say (even your toddler).