16 On-Point Viral Parenting Videos That Will Make You LOL

One of the best things about parenting is just how hilarious little ones can be without even knowing it. Whether you are veteran or novice parent (or still just trying take care of yourself), everyone can appreciate the hearty laugh a unpredictable child’s antics can bring to the world. Next time there’s a a few minutes to spare, sit back and watch these 16 on-point viral parenting videos, because they will definitely make you LOL.

While these gems teach the world that kids are capable of everything and anything, they take a hilarious turn on some of the toughest points of parent. Like when it's appropriate for your daughter to start dating, or teaching your child discipline or simply the meaning of the “No!” or even the adorable art of imitation kids have down to a T.

Even though there may be hundreds of parenting tips and guides out there, most of the hilariously candid parenting moments can’t be predicted and that’s the beauty of it the whole raising kids thing. “Having children is like living in a frat house — nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up,” comedian and actor from Everybody Loves Raymond Ray Romano once said and, well, these videos will certainly capture all of it.

Now, let's have a look at 16 perfectly on-point parenting moments, all of them thankfully caught on camera:


This Dad, Who Was Really Excited For His Kid's Birthday

Who cares if they got caught! Go on, dad and Janet! It's your birthday!


This Little Girl Who Is So Proud That Her Dad Stole Her Nose

These parents have really taught her to be a supportive team player.


This Dad Who Discovered The Best Way To Do His Daughter's Hair In The Morning

Leave it to dad to invent this innovative technique that may help other ponytail wearers cut 15 minutes from their morning routines.


This Little Boy Who Has No Shame

He's clearly on a mission and does not want to be disturbed.


These Artistic Kids

They don't care that they won't get any juice tonight, they just had the time of their lives.


This Guy, Who Just Realized Santa Is ALWAYS WATCHING

Lesson learned: No potty mouth, at least around the holidays.


This Cold-Cut Kid

Deli meats and cheese will forever be the most fun food for this kid.


This Little Girl Who "Just Wants To Look"

She just wants to look and dad is just going to have to be fine with that.


This Little Girl's Backhanded Compliment

Imitation is truly the highest form of flattery.


This Baby Who Has The Imitation Thing Down Pat

This baby's got it down.


This Little Guy Who Works On Technicalities

Little does he know, mommy and daddy talk and now his lollipop system has crumbled.


This Little Girl Who Clearly Needs Her Own Makeup Tutorial Channel

"Today I'm using MAC retro matte lipcolor in Binky-Pink."


This Baby Who's Like, "LOL, Nope"

He might be a little confused by what "No" actually means or he just really needs to get to glass of water.


These Boys Who Should NEVER BE TRUSTED

Pro tip: Keep all flour and messy powders up on high, high shelves.


This Guys Who Just Really Needs A Donut

He's adorably busted, but still needs another.


And Finally, This Boy Who Just Wants Linda To Listen

He made such a strong case for cupcakes, Ellen DeGeneres invited him and his mom, Linda, to come on her show. That deserves a cupcake.

"Raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare," Ed Asner — best known for his roles in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and his voice in Up — accurately said of parenting. These videos absolutely live up to that statement.

Almost anyone can get a chuckle from these YouTube gems and appreciate both the struggle and humor behind it all. And even if you don't have little ones of your own just yet, the parents and kids from these videos surely provide some unique and hilarious insight into the bounty of memorable moments the parenting chapter of life will certainly bring.