16 Practical Holiday 2018 Gifts For Pregnant Women Under $50, That She'll Actually Appreciate & Use


It's happening! One of your besties has just announced she's expecting, and you're over the moon. Before you rush out and buy her a dozen newborn onesies – which, I know, is an adorable temptation that's hard to resist – consider some other creative and thoughtful gifts that she'll find useful over the next nine months. There will be plenty of time to spoil the baby later, but now is the perfect time to spoil mom with these 15 gifts for pregnant women under $50. Despite how exciting this new chapter is, her impending nausea, discomfort, and general aches and pains mean any spoiling will be greatly appreciated.

When it comes to gifting expectant mamas, I'm all about giving them a nice mix of fun and practical. The sentimental and cutesy stuff is necessary because hey, we're celebrating something exciting over here! On the other hand, pregnancy brings with it so many unique needs, and your beloved preggo will be internally thanking you as she reaches for her gifted compression socks or moisturizing belly butter. While you should obviously consider what she wants, it's also wise to consider what she'll also truly, inevitably need.

While you might not be able to help your pregnant pal with her morning sickness or back pain, you can at least bring a smile to her face with one of these thoughtful gifts.

1The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly

Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Help your pregnant pal document every step of their pregnancy (and your growing bump) with this pregnancy journal. With places for belly pics and ultrasound photos, plus writing prompts about food cravings, symptoms, and other milestones, this will ensure they don't forget a thing.

2Belly Band

Belly Band

Jill & Joey

Pregnancy comes with some inevitable aches and pains. Help your friend bump along pain-free by gifting them this belly support band, which can help alleviate hip, back, and pelvic pain by providing extra belly support.

3Pregnancy Care Package

Pregnancy Care Package


Treat your favorite mama-to-be with a whole goodie bag! This one from Etsy comes with two bath soaks, pregnancy tea, belly oil, magnesium lotion, and a special "do not disturb" door hanger.

4Eating Christmas Cookies For Two Maternity Tee

Eating Christmas Cookies For Two Maternity Tee

Motherhood Maternity

Who doesn't love a clever maternity tee? This one is perfect for anyone pregnant over the holiday season.

5Letters to My Baby

Letters to My Baby

Lea Redmond

A "paper time capsule," this book contains a dozen fold-and-mail letters (with prompts) for moms to write to their new babies. This is a special gift for mom and baby, all in one.

6Compression Socks

Compression Socks


Compression socks can help alleviate the discomfort of swollen feet and ankles, and these socks are even better when they're cute. Grab one pair for $11, or get this pack of six pairs for $35.

7Baby Countdown Sign

Baby Countdown Sign


Help expectant parents countdown to their new addition with this customized chalkboard countdown. Customize the name and wood color to make it perfect.

8Maternity Panty

Maternity Panty


My favorite gifts to give are ones that I know someone wouldn't buy for themselves, and I think this falls into that category. This thong is seamless, soft, and smooth, and will make your expecting friend feel like the hot mama she is.

9Bumpin' Ain't Easy Mug

Bumpin' Ain't Easy Mug


Ain't that the truth! Celebrate your friend's pregnancy with this funny mug from Etsy. Make it extra thoughtful by throwing in a few bags of pregnancy-safe tea!

10Pregnancy Chalkboard

Pregnancy Chalkboard


This is the perfect gift for the expectant mother who loves to document everything. She can fill out the chalkboard each week, snap a photo, and commemorate every step of her pregnancy.

11Maternity Robe

Ivory Floral Lace Trim Maternity Robe

Pink Blush

This gorgeous robe from Pink Blush will let mama lounge around in style now, and she can bring it to the hospital when it's time to meet baby.

12Mommy's First Milestones Wine Labels

Mommy's First Milestones Wine Labels


This is an adorable (and hilarious) gift for your pregnant, wine-loving friend. Grab six bottles of her favorite wine, and slap these labels on. Then, she can pop a bottle each time her baby reaches a new milestone.

13Bellybuds Deluxe Baby-Bump Sound System

Bellybuds Deluxe Baby-Bump Sound System


Gift a mother-to-be with this unique way to bond with her unborn babe. Bellybuds are speakers that attach to skin, so mom can "play music, soothing sounds, or even loving voice messages directly to the womb," according to the product description.

14Bun In The Oven Skincare Kit

Bun In The Oven Skincare Kit

Mambino Naturals

There is so much to fret over when you're pregnant: what to eat (or not eat), what kind of medicine you can take, and what products are safe to use. Simplify her life a bit by gifting her with this skincare kit, complete with a pregnancy-approved belly butter, face serum, body toning oil, body wash, and chapstick.

15The Whole 9 Months Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

The Whole 9 Months Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Jennifer Lang MD & Dana Angelo White MS RD

This week-by-week nutrition guide will be any nutritionally-conscious pregnant woman's bible throughout her pregnancy. This covers all the pregnancy guidelines and recommendations for this stage of life, and offers easy recipes to satisfy them.

16Prenatal Vitamins

Essential Prenatal Vitamins


It's likely the pregnant woman in your life is taking prenatal supplements. Gift her a subscription of thoughtfully sourced vitamins that'll provide an extra dose of nutrients that mama and baby will benefit from.

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