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These 16 Scandinavian Baby Names Couldn't Be Any Cooler If They Tried

When I think of Scandinavia, modern furniture and design, biking and a certain princess singing "Let it Go" come to mind... and of course, IKEA. The region, which encompasses Sweden, Denmark and Norway, is also home to people with cool names like Hendrik and Thor. Looking for a fresh-sounding, popular Scandinavian baby name that will have you dreaming of Expedit bookcases and Beddinge sofa beds as you stare at your new little one? You've come to the right place.

Scandinavia ranks high in the United Nations' World Happiness report every year, thanks to a positive community spirit, a love of the outdoors, a focus on work/life balance (with the stress on the "life" part), and an overall feeling of gratitude by its people. Anyone else ready to move?

While there are certain questions you should ask yourself before choosing a baby name (among them the name's popularity, personal associations with the name and if you and your partner are in agreement), Laura Wattenberg, the founder of Baby Name Wizard, tells Huffington Post that "leading with joy" is a great place to start. What better way to lead with joy than to choose a name from the land of happy people? Your little Swedish meatball will be starting out with a smile on his face.




The name Ingrid is a feminine name of Norse origin meaning "fair, beautiful," according to Nameberry. The King of Norway's granddaughter is named Princess Ingrid Alexandra; just perfect for your little princess, too.



As Nameberry reported, Matthew, means "Gift of God," which is of course how you'll feel about your little one. It's a classic name that still manages to feel modern, too.



Anders has been a common name in Sweden for centuries, although we don't hear it much in the United States. A variant of Andrew, it means "strong and manly," according to Nameberry.



Freya is a major Goddess in Norse mythology, specifically as the Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, reported Babygaga.



The name Dahlia is a girl's name of Scandinavian origin meaning "Dahl's flower" (Andreas Dahl was a Swedish botanist), as per Nameberry. If you're also a fan of flower names, this seems like a pretty choice, as dahlias are known for their beauty and the long length of time that they bloom.



No, not the boy band, the popular Scandinavian name, meaning "son of Hans," according to Nameberry. While this origin story might not be as exciting as others, there's something very classic and upstanding about this name. I really like it.



While it might help to be a fan of Frozen in this case, Elsa was a popular name in Scandinavia (derived from Elizabeth) long before the movie came out. Meaning "truth," Elsa is a name that stands out, reported BabyNamesPedia.




Kai is a unisex name meaning "rejoice," according to BabyNamesPedia. It's one of the few unisex names that I found in this research, so yes, I'm rejoicing!



If you're looking for an unusual name that's a twist on a classic one (John), then Jenson is a unique choice, reported Baby Name Wizard. Similar to Hanson, I like the way names ending in "son" sound.



This Swedish name means “twin flower,” or “lime tree,” according to Nameberry. While Linnea is a popular name in Scandinavia, it has not yet reached the United States. Now's your chance to be a trendsetter.



Fans of Thor and Norse mythology will really like this one. Thurston is a boy's name of Scandinavian origin meaning "Thor's stone," reported Nameberry.



Looking for a regal name? Queen Sonja of Norway would probably agree that her name is one of those!



Axl is a cool name, no doubt about it. While I might think rocker at first, the name, which is of Scandinavian origin, means "they are the father of peace," according to Mom Junction.




Boden, British maker of adorable clothes, is also a pretty neat name of Scandinavian origin (traditionally for boys). It means, "shelter; one who brings news," according to The Bump.



While I may think immediately of one of the Von Trapp children, I love this classic Scandinavian name, which means "pearl," according to Babble.



My daughter's first friend was named Kasper. At the time, we thought of a certain friendly ghost, but this name actually means "treasurer," reported Nordic Names, and is the Scandinavian form of the name Jasper.