16 Unique Mother's Day Gifts, Because Sometimes, Roses Just Won't Do

I've only been a mom for a few years and already I feel a certain sense of boredom and general 'meh' about Mother's Day. Yes, I love celebrating that myself and others are moms, but it really can be hard to come up with small, celebratory gifts that stray from the slightly ubiquitous flowers and cards. Any present is a nice gesture, but it would be great to find a gift that really suits the mom in your life, which is why I scoured the internet to find some of the most unique Mother's Day gifts, because all moms deserve something special & unexpected.

From a book that you fill in yourself to concert tickets to her favorite artist, this is the year you can really impress the mom in your life. Try to start by thinking about her interests and what might make her life easier or more enjoyable. If you can come up with something that saves her time or puts a smile on her face, you know you're on the right track. Unless she's expressly asked for it, try to stay away from household appliances that might imply that she should spend a little more time vacuuming, because that will likely backfire and you'll be trying to dig yourself out of a hole all day!

Here are a few unique Mother's Day gifts that will let her know you spent some time thinking about her in advance of May 13.


What I Love About Mom By Me Book

What I Love About Mom By Me book ($10, Uncommon Goods)

There's nothing more unique than a book you write yourself! And while these books can seem a little cheesy to some, the prompts actually lead to very heartfelt answers, which is what most moms want the most.


Customized Family Portrait Cross Stitch

Customized family portrait cross stitch (from $21, Etsy)

Take a twist on the typical family portrait with this cross-stitched version. If the mom in your life enjoys a little kitsch, this is a sweet and personalized option for a gift. And she can pop it up on the wall as soon she gets it because it comes framed!


National Park Pass

America the Beautiful National Park pass ($80 per person, National Park Service)

Is your mom outdoorsy? If so, consider investing in a national park pass for her or even for your whole family. She'll be able to explore some of the best national treasures alongside her own personal treasures — her family members!


Succulent Wall Planter

Succulent Wall planter ($118, Uncommon Goods)

Skip the flowers or plants and go straight for the succulents. They'll last longer than cut flowers and she won't have to do a thing to get them into the ground like she would with a plant. Plus, there's something very novel about plants hanging on a wall!


Concert Tickets

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ticketmaster or Stubhub are good places to look for tickets.

Some moms are just cooler than the rest of us and will totally love getting concert tickets for Mother's Day. Really knock it out of the park by bringing the queen of your family to see the queen herself!


Food Pun Funny Shopping Tote

Food pun funny shopping tote (from $18, Amazon)

These hilarious food pun totes are a hoot and most moms will get such a kick out of them.


Echo Spot

Echo Spot ($129, Amazon)

This thing will answer your wife's questions about the traffic or weather and even play music on demand so she can enjoy a few more moments of hands-free time with her kiddos. We have one in our house and it's 100 percent more useful and helpful than any gift I've received lately.


Olive Tree

Adopt an olive tree plus 3 tins of olive oil (from $79, Nudo)

If your mom is a foodie, she will appreciate this gift package. You can adopt an olive tree from a farm in Italy on her behalf, and ship to her 3 (or more) tins of delish olive oil from the farm.


Yeti Mug

Yeti mug ($25, Academy Sports)

Acknowledging that your mom (or the mom of your young kids) drinks cold coffee most of the day is kind, but doing something to fix the problem? That's real love. A colorful Yeti mug that will keep her coffee warm for the hours she takes to finish it will do the trick.


Getaway Bag And A Getaway

Paradiso Getaway bag ($58,

A cute getaway bag is a sweet gift for a mom, but it's only as good as the getaway you've already booked for her. It doesn't have to be any more elaborate than a nice hotel a few miles away, but book it, pack the bag and push her right out the door.


Women In Science

Women in Science ($11, Amazon)

An inspiring book to give an inspiring woman; pair it with a card to the same effect and you'll have a gift that'll last much longer than flowers!


Caffeine Molecule Necklace

Caffeine molecule necklace ($16, Amazon)

Does the mom in your life run on coffee and like science? How about a caffeine molecule necklace that's totally quirky yet surprisingly attractive.


Personalized Crock

Personalized crock ($70, Plowhearth)

Most moms just love good vessels to put flowers or plants or even party supplies when they're entertaining. This country-style crock is a sweet option because it will remind her of the year her family started.


Automatic Handbag Illuminator

Automatic handbag illuminator ($30, Uncommon Goods)

Saving your mom time she wastes searching for her phone or her keys or her wallet or whatever random kid thing she needs in her bag is really thoughtful and useful.


What Do You Meme? Game

What Do You Meme? game ($30, Amazon)

I rarely crack up out loud more than when I see a funny meme, so I'd honestly love to get a copy of this silly game. Bonus? It's for adults only, so feel free to give it with a nice bottle of wine.


Polaroid Digital Camera

Polaroid digital camera ($82, Amazon)

Your mom probably has thousands of photos on her phone, but giving her the opportunity to print some simply and on her own feels both novel and retro — just like her.

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