16 Wedding Dresses You Can Wear Again, Because You're The Practical Type

When I got married, it was at the Staten Island Borough Hall, and I wore a nearly casual outfit with an orchid tucked behind my ear. It was perfect. Weddings aren't all multi-thousand dollar affairs that require months of planning and gardens full of flowers. Some of us are a more practical bunch, preferring something simple and sweet. Deciding what to wear to your wedding can be stressful, especially given how expensive wedding dresses tend to be. But I've found 16 wedding dresses you can wear again that won't break the bank, and will give you more bang for your buck.

More retailers than ever are coming out with lines of uniquely affordable wedding fashion. H&M recently came out with a whole line of wedding dresses at a price point that won't make you sick to your stomach. Also, a lot of dresses work as wedding dresses, even if they weren't designed to walk down the aisle. A blush pink gown could be a gorgeous statement at your wedding, but equally cute for a formal affair at work or a dressy cocktail party. You don't have to be limited by what you would traditionally recognize as a wedding dress. It's 2019, anything goes.


A Tea Length Cute Lace Number

This blush lace dress is perfect for every skin tone, and while it is dressy and sweet, it could also be fun for a baby shower or a bridal party. A simple floral crown would make this instantly bridal worthy.


A Longer Lace Dress

H&M is coming through on this long lace bridal gown. It has a distinctly hippie vibe, so you could wear it for your wedding, or dress it down with some Birkenstocks and a blazer for an afternoon party.


Long & Flowy

I love the detail on this dress. It shows a little more than traditional wedding dresses, but it's by no means flashy or risque. It would be absolute perfection to wear to your graduation or even a show.


Pretty Overlay

This dress could be worn for a boardwalk wedding or a backyard baby shower. It's super detailed, but very unfussy. I would pair it with seriously high heels, but imagine it with delicate flat sandals. Come on, right?


A Breezy Dress

I am completely obsessed with this dress. I would wear it everywhere. Concerts in the park, birthday parties, book signings, and yes, a wedding — even my own.


Sequin Fancy

A cocktail hour wedding is so sexy and chic. This dress could be for your wedding or a party — even an award ceremony for work. It's just hot.


A Backless Midi

Did you hear that? It was me, falling on the floor, deceased. I want to renew my vows just so I can wear this dress. Granted, it would require a prodigious amount of self-tanner, but it would be worth it. I also think I want to wear it to a garden party benefit for my chosen candidate. It would just work.


Swingy Cocktail

The sheen on this structured dress is stunning. I can imagine it worn with a huge statement necklace, accompanied by a delicate but goth bouquet. I can also see it paired with a structured blazer and worn at a work function.


Asymmetrical Ruffles

This dress looks like it would flow so lovely over curvier hips and busts. It could be gorgeous at a small, stately wedding, and the line of the skirt could be altered easily, making it sexier for a night out with your partner.


Embellished Wrap

This dress is fancy enough for your wedding, but the embellishments are such that you could wear it elsewhere. The wrap style is comfortable and the layers add a breezy quality that brings down the formality just a bit.


Tuxedo Inspired

For some reason, this dress screams Chrissy Teigen to me. And we know she'd rock a fancy dress to any party, white or not.


Bohemian Dress

If you have more than one Tori Amos song being played at your wedding, this is the dress for you. I'm just saying.


Delicate Detailing

Wear this to your wedding on Friday and to your niece's graduation party on Saturday. That's how versatile this dress is.


A Maternity Option

If you're getting married with a bump, this is a super cute option that leaves room to grow. It's a little casual, so it could easily be worn all the time during your pregnancy, but could be dressed up with jewelry and shoes.


A Champagne Lace Choice

The color is what tweaks this dress. It is perfectly acceptable as a wedding dress, but also cool for that big party at the club. It's a show stopper either way.


Tailored & Pretty

I see this worn beside a man who's wearing a crisp wool suit with a tweed waistcoat. It's proper and would be lovely with a fascinator. It would also work dressed down with a wrap of a different color.


Show Off Your Shoulders

Layer this with a huge floral headband and big jewelry for a wedding, or pair it with flip flops for a backyard party. It's easy peasy wearing with this one.